World4Justice4Children Cyber Protest #FamilyCourtCorruption 2 End in 2018


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#FamilyCourtCorruption 2 End in 2018

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Power 2 the People: Lobby, Protest and Occupy in 2018!




19 thoughts on “World4Justice4Children Cyber Protest #FamilyCourtCorruption 2 End in 2018

  1. The CPS and court systems our corrupt. My grandsons mother has 14 CPS allegations in which there has been sexual abuse to him at 2 years old, neglect, unsupervision, in which my son was not contacted for any of the following allegations. She also has had her house raided for drugs in 2013 & a drug charge in KY. My son has been fighting to be in his sons life since birth. Spent thousands of dollars trying to be apart of his life in a consistent manner and every time my son and his sons, mother have been to Family court in Detroit Michigan. We’ve always get the shaft, supervised visits, in which we have to pay for them, even though my son, have proof of all the CPS reports and police reports and about 800 developed pictures proving my son has been in his sons life every chance my grandaons mom would allow him, but it doesn’t matter because the courts still listen to what she tells them and does as she ask. Pictures are suppose to say a thousand words, not in Family court, police reports and Cps reports are irrelevant in Family Court. The Family court is like fighting a losing battle and the our only out for the best Interest of their paychecks. They are corrupted!!!!

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  2. In my country sweden is it escalating very rapid. This needs to be stopped immediately! They are looking the children up in “care” as young as twelve. Horrible.
    And this is getting worse….
    Day by day

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  3. You may or may not be interested to join our community projects. There is an awful lot of inaction by default being as the CPS in some cases, literally paralyse parents. Sarita Love Projects houses several ideas and opportunity to become active. It is frightening and heart wrenching, with a whole lot of ‘crazy’ added too, when a parent finds themselves in conflict with the family courts. There is little consolation but to strive to initiate change…and we can by pulling together just as countries do in war times.

    Wishing you all the very best.
    Sarita Love

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  4. I am crying out for your help as I am in DESPERATE need of your assistance, guidance, or direction as I cry daily for some type of relief and JUSTICE:

    The 219th Collin County courthouse in McKinney, Tx stole my four children from me on 8-12, 2012. It started when my 15 year old daughter told me, my current husband (who is a Agent and officer of the court), and my doctor at the time, that her biological father punched her in the face then kicked her in the stomach when she was down four months before their visit with us on 7-13-2012. She was placed in the hospital from 7-31-2012 to 8-3-2012 after my doctor said she was tachycardiac (was on the verge of a heart attack), traumatized, and anorexic weighing only 84 lbs. I went against the court order per the direction of our attorney, the CPS & the Richardson Texas Police Department as we held on to the children, while my ex husband was being investigated by the CPS and the Richardson PD. Unfortunately our ex attorney failed to notify the court and did not file the motion. The judge was infuriated with us while my daughter was in the hospital while being fed intravenously after spending only two weeks with us. We were forced to return the kids to their father at court here in Louisiana on 8-19-12 after finding out too late our attorney, who was running for appellate judge and won, that we had to be in Dallas, 500 miles away, at court on 8-20-12. After my extensive testimony outlining names of detectives, and CPS case workers here in Louisiana and Texas, hospital reports to include case numbers from the police and CPS as well as contact numbers of all involved, the judge ordered the following; that I only see my children 4 hours a month supervised by the CPS, to pay my ex-husbands legal fees that the judge increased from $14,000 to $17,500, I am unable to make any medical decisions regarding the children (the judge added this order), child support was added despite the fact that child support on my behalf was lifted during mediation, and the judge almost granted my ex sole custody. Now my children suffer from severe parental alienation syndrome (PAS) and I have not talked to any of my children since November 2014; not even texts as their biological father monitors and threatens the children if they have any contact at all with me. We have received no assistance from our attorney who has taken all our money with 6 loans to cover his expenses and four more loans to pay for the $17,500 for my ex-husbands attorney. But we are not the only parents that has suffered at the hands of the the corrupt system at the Collin County courthouse in McKinney, Tx. I am trying to get a class action lawsuit going against the Collin County family courts, but I can’t do it alone. I need you brave parents out there to join me. Our children are screaming for our help! Please contact me so we can fight the corruption. I have and will continue to contact Congressmen and law enforcement officials to try and obtain some relief and Justice for my children and all the abused children out there.

    Thank you for your time!

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    • As a long-time advocate for justice who founded “Women Fight Back” over 20 years ago and began a movement, the pain and suffering of the victims walking out of family law courts across this nation for decades is staggering….seen a lot, heard a lot, wrote a lot, yet, it continues as a pattern of deception for profit in far too many cases. Don’t look to the courts for justice…..try to settle your differences without the legal system controlling your life for years.

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  5. I need help with the family courts. The social services are blackmailing me to get what they want they tell me they are going to remove my children if I don’t accept contact between my young children and their father who abused us for five years physical mental and sexual abuse also they tell me if I don’t alow my children to travel 2 hours a day to school they will remove them from my care my children are terrified of their father but they are being forced to see him also he is illegal in this country I was told if I don’t drop the charges against my ex husband my children will be removed from my care I desperately need some advice please

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  6. By the wonderful Deborah Mamoudieh

    Regardless of whether or not one believes two children and supporting medical evidence confirming their allegations of sexual abuse; children have rights and British authorities have a duty to PROMPTLY investigate a crime or crimes when arrest criteria is satisfied: 

    Two children are instantly and permanently, removed from their Mother’s care on strength of medical evidence confirming long-term, sexual abuse and yet, that SAME medical evidence is NOT considered evidence enough to ARREST and INVESTIGATE the NAMED suspect-abusers?

    Arrest criteria WAS fully satisfied in September 2014, when two young children reported sadistic sexual abuse and murder of trafficked babies, to central London police and authorities. They provided police with lots of information that could be very easily and instantly, proven or dis-proven; 70+ abusers names, professions, distinguishing features on genitals such as tattoos, birthmarks, warts, piercings etc., are given along with names of 18 other “special children” singled out for abuse, at their central London school and also, 40+ names of other children from other central London schools. 

    Abusers are alleged to be operating in a group who regularly engaged in multiple crimes against “hundreds” of children and trafficked babies under cover of a pseudo-‘religious’-cult. The group is alleged to consist of 100+ professionals and business people working throughout central London and ALL its authorities of police, Councils, Courts, law-firms, estate agents, education, Churches, Social Services, local businesses and leisure centres.

    Crimes include; group and individual physical, emotional, psychological and sexual abuse of children, child prostitution, child sex tourism, making and selling of child pornography and “snuff”-videos, forcing both illegal and medical drugs on children, baby trafficking, ritual murder and cannibalism of trafficked babies.

    Once removed from care of their Mum, child-witness victims were handed over to local authorities where many of their alleged abusers are employed – within days, both children have PARTIALLY ‘retracted’ their allegations; retraction interviews are now police-recorded evidence of police criminal negligence, coercion, perversion of the course of justice, conspiracy to protect suspected child abusers and murderers from arrest and investigation and/or complicity to participate in crimes against children.

    Case was closed after only TWO weeks on receipt of the crime report.

    To date, the ONLY people to have faced police-arrest, house searches, confiscation of property, Court actions and threat of imprisonment, are those speaking out on behalf of child safety and rights in demanding a FULL investigation.

    All our concerns have been reported to various other authorities and organisations:

    London Metropolitan police: 29 page Crime Report handed in May 2015: No response.

    NSPCC – repeatedly: No help or support given.

    Children’s Commission: They asked local authorities to investigate: Nothing has yet been investigated.

    Local Ombudsman: No reply.

    CPS Special Investigations & Organised Crimes Division: They sent an email saying it is “not in our remit”.

    NCA: They said they would talk to management and promised to get back in touch; no response since and attempts to make further inquiries on that promise reaching a dead-end.

    Ofsted: They are looking into those authorities child care provision but have stated they will not be keeping us informed of any actions they take and have no powers over police actions or failures.

    Home Office: They claim to have no authority over central London Police.

    Ministry of Justice: No reply.

    Various child protection agencies and charities: No support offered or given.

    Various MP’s, media and Lords: No response or support.

    London High Court: They granted a 12 day ‘fact-finding’ Hearing, presided over by Mrs Justice Pauffley (who had previously refused a Judicial Review on the case prior to it going public) ending March 26th 2015: A 12 day ‘fact-finding’ Hearing on request of public, mother and Association of McKenzie Friends which delivered what can ONLY be described as, an abomination of the very justice UK, EU & UN Child Protection Directives seek to provide for children: 

    Only ONE suspect of 70 (father) attends – his evidence is given in secret. 
    Serious failures and negligences related to police duties, child protection and lawful protocols are casually ignored. 
    Concerns and risks to other implicated children are ignored.
    Father’s professionally diagnosed, mental health problems, are dismissed as the result of his ex partner’s historical, “malicious” actions against him via County Courts who granted her an injunction and insisted father attend Tavistock clinic for 3 years. 
    Very shoddy, clearly coerced and only PARTIAL ‘retractions’ are accepted as ‘solid’ evidence. 
    Medical professional with 30+ years experience in her field of child sexual abuse, is dismissed as an “over dogmatic expert” after she contradicted and questioned the validity of the ‘retractions’.
    The ONLY other ‘solid’ evidence provided, is a Barnet police officer-medic’s opinion that extensive anal scarring found in two children reporting the same abuse, MIGHT have been caused by a “very large poo”. His opinion is accepted in support of the ‘retractions’ by the Judge who describes his input as a “Peer Review” .
    The children’s allegations are dismissed as a “fantasy” and in part, as coached by an ‘abusive’ Mum and partner (both not in attendance at the hearing having fled the country on threat of 7 years imprisonment for breaking Family Court secrecy rules),  it is claimed that their ‘motive’ was in order to deny long estranged Dad, rights of access to his children. 
    The public are described as “evil and foolish” for expressing concerns for child safety.

    BBC: They ignored our concerns however, after the High Court Judgement finding father to be “completely innocent”, the BBC devoted an hour long TV news feature covering the case and focusing on how children’s false-allegations can damage innocent people’s lives; suspect Dad is given a 30 minute empathic interview in which he and the interviewer tell blatant lies i.e. Dad lies about questions asked of him by police and interviewer states that mother recorded videos of her children stating terrible crimes and “then uploaded them onto the internet”, when in FACT, she THEN took them to the police along with her children and THEN to the Family Courts and THEN to the High Court to request a Judicial Review and THEN, she appealed to the HOME SECRETARY. 

    IPCC: They have upheld mother’s complaint as of October 2015: No response from Metropolitan police: It is an IMPORTANT point that IPCC Report came AFTER that March 26th High Court Judgement and therefore, the High Court Judgement is severely, negated.

    The implications are very serious. We are left in no doubt that there has been a cover up. 

    Is THAT the price of ‘peace’ in Britain today – we all just ignore a load of lawfully suspected child murderers and let them continue running our local authorities? Is that the balance for the status-quo i.e. SILENCE OF THE CHILDREN?

    We are left with grave concern that all of the children’s allegations are true and therefore, lawfully suspected child abusers and murderers, with authority powers and direct access to children, are now operating in groups and gangs, throughout central London authorities and businesses. Collectively, they are a terrorist threat against children. Many of the suspected abusers, now privately/corporately, employed as Social Workers, Cafcass officers and even judges in the Family Courts, are engaged in removing children from their family homes on spurious grounds and at great expense to the public purse.

    As a nation, we CANNOT ignore the threat here. This is not only about abuse and murder of children, this is about a group of sadists who enjoy torturing and hurting others, who operate in co-ordination to profit from EVERY type of crime and abuse of authority powers; they are involved in insider property-trading, human trafficking, money laundering, illegal drugs, blackmail, bribery, theft and perjury. Families are being torn apart and communities destroyed. Such criminals of power are a form of INTERNAL TYRANNY which needs to be swiftly dealt with.

    We need transparency now, this case is PUBLIC and it needs to be publicly investigated. It is time to DROP the secrecy around child abuse – it’s NOT helping children, it is only protecting their abusers.

    Some one needs to do SOMETHING – otherwise, this nation is DEAD because its LAW is a SHAM.

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    • they have been snatching..and thats what it is and forcing both fathers and grandparents out of their families for years. none ..or very few..of the children are seen again.i think the khazarian jews…90% of family courts/cs/sws…are jews…take them, abuse them, kill them and eat them. not only must they be stopped; but hanged. they deliberately built up a nest of corrupted ”laws” to enable this…i note its not just british children..its mostly whites…britain by my estimate has lost 15million adults mostly males; an 2 million children most under ten. they are obviouslydead. now ”british” sws are making hits on families in i think it was slovakia…germany; there are remarks they seem to have the same big child care system too..its been white genocide for years then. by eating our kids.

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  7. Firstly , the issue is an international criminal court case . The family court system are actually committing a war crime and are involved in the medical abduction of babies and children for the purpose of experimentation and sexual abuse on an industrial scale . They are also medically kidnapping as many babies and children as they can , who have medico legal claims against hospitals . The money owed to them and their families is being divided up among solicitors , barristers , judges , doctors , fostering and adoption agencies and other groups . This is embezzlement of money owed to victims of medical failures . It seems that to save their own skin , pharma companies are manipulating the system to avoid paying compensation .


  8. Family courts stole my children also …….
    How did I loose all my rights, as a parent to my children ??
    What did I do ??
    Nothing ,,, but go to family court and tell the truth ….
    Lost all parental rights,,, to a psychopathic narcissist…
    I know the corruption exist in family court !!
    The crime of the century , must Stop….

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