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This conference is focused on those who provide and use social work services. Participants will come from all over Europe particularly people who use services, professionals involved in social work services, researchers and those involved in the training and development of staff.




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Labour’s Roy Hattersley QUITS the House of Lords as it ‘goes against the idea of equality’

The party’s former Deputy Leader unleashed a blistering verbal assault on the “vastly inferior institution”, 18 years after becoming peer

Birmingham Post and MailLord Roy Hattersley
Quit: Lord Roy Hattersley has resigned from the “unequal” House of Lords

Labour big beast Roy Hattersley is quitting the House of Lords and launched a scathing attack on the upper chamber.

The party’s former Deputy Leader unleashed a blistering verbal assault on the “vastly inferior institution”, 18 years after becoming peer.

The Mirror is campaigning to abolish the unelected chamber – and Lord Hattersley has joined mounting criticism of the House.

He said: “It is a vastly inferior institution and goes against the idea of equality.

“How can it be equal if the Lords are chosen by the Prime Minister?

“In principle, it’s wrong, but we can’t get rid of it because there would be uproar.”

GettyRoy Hattersley, British Labour politician, author and journalist, served as Deputy Leader of the Labour Party from 1983 to 1992, appears at a photocall prior to an event at the 30th Edinburgh International Book Festival, on August 13, 2013 in Edinburgh, Scotland
Roy Hattersley: He says he has quit because the institution is not equal

Former Shadow Chancellor Lord Hattersley was speaking at the Edinburgh Book Festival when he made his comments.

He was a Shadow Cabinet Minister at the 1983 general election when Labour’s manifesto included scrapping the House of Lords.

But, 14 years later, and after 33 years as MP for Birmingham Sparkbrook, he accepted a peerage under Tony Blair’s premiership.

Lord Hattersley would only say last night(TUE): “I’m just retiring because I’m living in Derbyshire and I’m 83. There’s nothing significant about it.”

His resignation comes as David Cameron is poised to unveil at least another 50 peers in his post-election honours list, expected on Thursday.


With Law Lords and Clergy making up a big part of the Privileged House what hope for Justice in Family Court and Social Services 

They are set to include Conservative donors, close pals of the PM and long-serving Tory MPs who stood down at May’s election.

GettyBritish Prime Minister, David Cameron
New Lords: David Cameron is expected to announce 50 new peers on Thursday

Desperate Mr Cameron wants to stuff more Tories into the Lords to cut the number of Government defeats.

But with nearly 800 members, including 26 bishops, it is the world’s second biggest legislature after the China’s National People’s Congress.

It costs taxpayers £100million a year to run, and more than 100 new peers have been created in the last five years.

In addition to the day-to-day running costs, taxpayers are forking out more than £60,000 a week so wealthy peers can feast on lavish three-course meals.

Restaurants, cafes and bars catering for the 783 Lords, bishops and baronesses receive £1.3million a year from the public purse, official figures show.

The average age of the House of Lords is 70, compared with the UK average of 38 for men and 40 for women.

PALord Sewel
Resigned: Lord Sewel stepped down from the Lords amid claims he took cocaine with prostitutes

Critics claim it is too unaccountable, too expensive and must go.

Last month a shamed peer had to quit after he was filmed allegedly taking cocaine with prostitutes – and bizarrely discussed politics during one of his drug-fuelled romps.

Baron John Sewel, 69, resigned as the Lords’ Deputy Speaker and Chairman of Committees as claims of drug fuelled trysts with hookers emerged.

Campaigners and senior politicians demanded the creation of an elected second chamber.

Darren Hughes, of the Electoral Reform Society, said: “Every year there are stories like this about our upper House, and every time the need for reform becomes more pressing.

“The idea that peers can totally lose the confidence of the public and never be held to account is bewildering to most people.

“We can only get real accountability through an elected chamber – not through the cosy arrangements that exist at the moment.”

Should the House of Lords be scrapped? ((Click Here))


Workshop on Marital Laws and Court Procedures at Delhi (Entry Free)


   This newsletter gives you various information about resources for Men’s issues in India.
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Free Workshop on Marriage Laws:

Confidare India is conducting a Free Workshop at Delhi on Marital Laws ( 498a, DV act, evidence analysis, citations, court procedures etc) from common men.

    Event: Free Workshop on Marriage Laws and Legal Procedures

By Confidare India (www.confidareindia.com)
                 Date: 23-August-2015

                 Location: Noida

                 To book at seat, please email:  anuj_k@rediffmail.com or call Anuj at: 9999 417 081

The Facebook page of the event is:   HERE   

NOCORRUPTION  Combined List of Members of Lok Sabha



Dangers of Interim bail:

It has been observed that Judges in many states have started giving interim bails instead of anticipatory bails or regular bails in section 498a cases. Judges are also not doing anything to stop rise of “attempt to murder”, “unnatural sex” and section 354 (outraging modesty) of women cases along with false section 498a cases.

Dangers of filing Section 9 (RCR)

In recent times, some lawyers are urging men to file for section 9 (RCR) cases claiming that this will prevent false section 498a on them. If a man is facing abuse from wife or in-laws and if he can not stay with his wife, he must not file section 9 or RCR and he must not WASTE his money.

Videos to share:
    Please share these Videos with as many people as possible. Pl send it to as many foreigners as possible.
Sad News:

   As Courts and Judges are always giving child custody to women and do not give access/visitation to fathers, many children are getting killed by mothers.

   Please send copy of this news to as  many politicians and MPs as possible asking shared custody/visitation for fathers.


 Pune: Monster mom killed son to hide affair with landlord

Other News:

     Feminists and women’s organisations are trying to force the Government to pass Marital Rape Law, so that they can extort more and more men by sending them to prison for a month or more.

     Courts are ordering more maintenance now a days. The maintenance or alimony amounts per month have doubled or tripled in last 3 to 4 years. Judges are getting more inconsiderate and they are not listening to appeals.

     Please demand for “Limited duration” maintenance/alimony in facebook, twitter and in social media. For example, demand courts to order maintenance only for 1 year or 2 years during which time the wife will be expected to find a job and work.


    If you are a young man or women, you must create awareness in your friend’s circles about false cases of harassment against young men.Also note that, many young men in politics, judiciary and in the bureaucracy are harbouring extremely hostile views against younger men. The old men are getting pro-women, and are calling for discrimination of younger men.

    It is strange, because these old men want younger men to being “acche din” by working hard and save family/culture. But the same old men are supporting and passing all anti-male laws saying, “I also got 2 daughters.”

   It is your duty to warn as many young men as possible.
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Everyone is given a candle that burns just for them.  When your flame flickers and you fear it will go out, know not even the strongest wind lasts forever;  and there are other lights to guide you even in the Darkness … and when your candle burns bright, you can ignite the hearts of others and hope will spread like wildfire… Always Keep Fighting, and you’ll never fight alone.

I persevere.



The Family Court System operates behind closed doors with special access granted. The American people have been shut out. An American in the United States can walk into any court proceedings in a Criminal Courtroom and or proceedings in a Civil Courtroom and sit in the audience…BUT…try that in Family Court.

We respectfully urge the News Media to give this massive (Divorce) industry of $50 BILLION DOLLARS a year, the critical attention it deserves in order to inform the American people and shine a light on the injustice occurring in Family Courts that would inevitably, fundamentally alter the American economy and threaten American jobs.

Because of the the increasing use of various electronic devices including phones, tablets, and other wireless communication devices continually challenges a court’s legitimate concerns for courtroom security, participant distraction, and decorum.




These electronic devices are redefining the news media, the informational product disseminated, and the timeliness of the content. They also result in new expectations for the court and participants for immediate access to information. Policies developed to address the court’s concerns should include enough flexibility to take into consideration that electronic devices have become a necessary tool for court observers, journalists, and participants and continue to rapidly change and evolve. The courts should champion the enhanced access and the transparency made possible by use of these devices while protecting the integrity of proceedings within the courtroom.

The television news media should be playing a vital role in informing the American people about the far-reaching and troubling implications if there in NO FAMILY LAW REFORM. A recent study by a public watchdog group found that there has been virtually no televised news coverage in the past six months.

Given the secret nature of Family Court proceedings and the virtual blackout from television news networks, the American people remain largely unaware of Civil Rights Violations, Due Process Violations, even Human Rights Violations and its effects on our country.

Our nation must have a thorough public debate.

Daveyone Familylawman World4Justice Campaign :2015