Why Should Simon Be Prosecuted For A Government Failure?

Newcastle dad pleads not guilty to aggravated trespass after 11-day Tyne Bridge protest ~ Simon Anderton entered the plea when he appeared in the dock at Newcastle Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday.

Davey Says; How can he be guilty when it is The Government’s own failure or more over the Ministry of Justice who Trespass into the fathers domain and extract him from his families lives! 

Fathers for Justice protestor Simon Anderton, on the Tyne Bridge in Newcastle

Tyne Bridge protester Simon Anderton

A dad who staged an 11-day protest on top of the Tyne Bridge has denied he did anything illegal.

Real Fathers for Justice campaigner Simon Anderton scaled the iconic Newcastle landscape on Father’s Day on June 21 this year. He then hung-up a 25ft purple banner reading “happy fatherless day” as he claimed he was fighting for the plight of dads deprived by family courts from having a loving relationship with their sons.

The grandfather and dad-of-five spent 11 days on the bridge before climbing down on July 2.

He later handed himself in to the police and posted a spoof review of his stay in the “penthouse suite” on Trip Advisor

As we previously reported, Anderton was later charged by Northumbria Police, under the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act, with aggravated trespass.

At a hearing at Newcastle Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday, the 56-year-old, of Meldon Terrace, Heaton, denied the offence.

When the charge was put to him, he replied: “Obviously, not guilty”. 

Anderton was initially facing a charge which alleged he “intended to have the effect of intimidating those persons or any of them so as to deter them or any of them from engaging in that activity”.

But, that was changed during the hearing to one that read he allegedly “intended to have the effect of disrupting a person’s activities”.

David Parish, mitigating, said it had been a lawful protest.

He said: “It’s a not guilty plea because he had no intention to cause disruption – he denies intending to cause disruption.

“We also have a query as to whether the Tyne Bridge falls under the act.”

Rebecca Laverick, prosecuting, made no representations.

The court heard four witnesses and Anderton will give evidence at his trial.

He will next appear for that trial on March 10. He was released on bail until that occasion.

This Injustice is not Unique to The UK We Need To Stand With SIMON, CLIFFORD and ALL Parents faced with Family Court Injustice

Fathers' for Justice campaigner climbs the Tyne Bridge to unfurl a banner on Father's Day



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Target 2015 to make as many e-mail, phone in and
snail mail correspondence with the politicians as possible to see
who puts Family Justice and Child Welfare at the top of their
political agenda! So e-mail, write and call a radio call in TODAY!  

World4Justice : Cyber Protest!    Let’s Join The Purple Keyboard Campaign((Activate :2015))4 Family Justice Reform!

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Bring Down Child Support Services in 2015!                 Send @David_Cameron a Family Law & Child Welfare Message

Million Mask March – November 5th, 2015  MILLION MASK MARCH..SUPPORT FROM FACEBOOK..NOVEMBER 5, 2015

Back To The BBC-Exposing Corruption And Outlining The Alternative                                      Million Mask March London

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@CBCNews Sometimes it takes a small voice with the proper information to build the foundation for such reform by: Dino Denicola

Canada Family Law Parental Alienation Justice CourtSometimes it takes a small voice with the proper information to build the foundation for such reform by: Dino Denicola

This message is to notify you of an update on a specific brainsyntax posting you are following or the author invited you.The author or a subscriber to this page would like you to access or be aweare of the new content:

Your information is nothing short of amazing and accurate, however the cause is not being dealt with. This in itself will continue to bring failure to any proper reform that as you have pointed out is necessary in the most desperate manner

Sometimes it takes a small voice with the proper information to build the foundation for such reform   Without it we are simply protesting the obvious shortcomings of an inadequate system

On July 16th of 1996

A major turnaround occurred

It led to the implementation of the FRO act and almost 200 being terminated under the family support plan At the time known as the FSP act

The allegations of Deadbeat dads became a thing of the past

It also started reform towards a unified endeavour for our children’s separated family

This has been interfered with by the cas and the ccas

Currently a focal point must be made

Efforts need to be put to the ombudsman investigating as well as human rights investigating such acts of discrimination that effect families as a whole


Access the originating page MORE

5 Reasons Modern-Day Parenting Is in Crisis, According to a British Nanny


Huntstock via Getty Images


 images (86)

I generally am quite an optimistic person. I tend to believe that everything will work out for the best unless the evidence is overwhelmingly to the contrary, and anyone who knows me will tell you that I am not prone to drama. That’s why when I say that modern parenting is in serious trouble — crisis, even — I hope you’ll listen, and listen carefully. I’ve worked with children and their parents across two continents and two decades, and what I’ve seen in recent years alarms me. Here are the greatest problems, as I see them:

1. A fear of our children.
I have what I think of as “the sippy cup test,” wherein I will observe a parent getting her toddler a cup of milk in the morning. If the child says, “I want the pink sippy cup, not the blue!” yet the mum has already poured the milk into the blue sippy cup, I watch carefully to see how the parent reacts. More often than not, the mum’s face whitens and she rushes to get the preferred sippy cup before the child has a tantrum.Fail! What are you afraid of, mum? Who is in charge here? Let her have a tantrum, and remove yourself so you don’t have to hear it. But for goodness’ sake, don’t make extra work for yourself just to please her — and even more importantly, think about the lesson it teaches if you give her what she wants because she’s thrown a fit.

2. A lowered bar.
When children misbehave, whether it’s by way of public outburst or private surliness, parents are apt to shrug their shoulders as if to say, “That’s just the way it is with kids.” I assure you, it doesn’t have to be. Children are capable of much more than parents typically expect from them, whether it’s in the form of proper manners, respect for elders, chores, generosity or self-control. You don’t think a child can sit through dinner at a restaurant? Rubbish. You don’t think a child can clear the table without being asked? Rubbish again! The only reason they don’t behave is because you haven’t shown them how and you haven’t expected it! It’s that simple. Raise the bar and your child shall rise to the occasion.

3. We’ve lost the village.
It used to be that bus drivers, teachers, shopkeepers and other parents had carte blanche to correct an unruly child. They would act as the mum and dad’s eyes and ears when their children were out of sight, and everyone worked towards the same shared interest: raising proper boys and girls. This village was one of support. Now, when someone who is not the child’s parent dares to correct him, the mum and dad get upset. They want their child to appear perfect, and so they often don’t accept teachers’ and others’ reports that he is not. They’ll storm in and have a go at a teacher rather than discipline their child for acting out in class. They feel the need to project a perfect picture to the world and unfortunately, their insecurity is reinforced because many parents do judge one another. If a child is having a tantrum, all eyes turn on the mum disapprovingly. Instead she should be supported, because chances are the tantrum occurred because she’s not giving in to one of her child’s demands. Those observers should instead be saying, “Hey, good work — I know setting limits is hard.”

4. A reliance on shortcuts.
I think it’s wonderful that parents have all sorts of electronics to help them through airline flights and long waits at the doctor’s office. It’s equally fabulous that we can order our groceries online for delivery, and heat up healthy-ish food at the touch of a button on the microwave. Parents are busier than ever, and I’m all for taking the easy way when you need it. But shortcuts can be a slippery slope. When you see how wonderful it is that Caillou can entertain your child on a flight, don’t be tempted to put it on when you are at a restaurant. Children must still learn patience. They must still learn to entertain themselves. They must still learn that not all food comes out steaming hot and ready in three minutes or less, and ideally they will also learn to help prepare it. Babies must learn to self-soothe instead of sitting in a vibrating chair each time they’re fussy. Toddlers need to pick themselves up when they fall down instead of just raising their arms to mum and dad. Show children that shortcuts can be helpful, but that there is great satisfaction in doing things the slow way too.

5. Parents put their children’s needs ahead of their own.
Naturally, parents are wired to take care of their children first, and this is a good thing for evolution! I am an advocate of adhering to a schedule that suits your child’s needs, and of practices like feeding and clothing your children first. But parents today have taken it too far, completely subsuming their own needs and mental health for the sake of their children. So often I see mums get up from bed again and again to fulfill the whims of their child. Or dads drop everything to run across the zoo to get their daughter a drink because she’s thirsty. There is nothing wrong with not going to your child when she wants yet another glass of water at night. There’s nothing wrong with that dad at the zoo saying, “Absolutely you can have something to drink, but you must wait until we pass the next drinking fountain.” There is nothing wrong with using the word “No” on occasion, nothing wrong with asking your child to entertain herself for a few minutes because mummy would like to use the toilet in private or flick through a magazine for that matter.

I fear that if we don’t start to correct these five grave parenting mistakes, and soon, the children we are raising will grow up to be entitled, selfish, impatient and rude adults. It won’t be their fault — it will be ours. We never taught them any differently, we never expected any more of them. We never wanted them to feel any discomfort, and so when they inevitably do, they are woefully unprepared for it. So please, parents and caregivers from London to Los Angeles, and all over the world, ask more. Expect more. Share your struggles. Give less. And let’s straighten these children out, together, and prepare them for what they need to be successful in the real world and not the sheltered one we’ve made for them.

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15 Children’s Health Studies All Parents Should Read
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Investigate CAFCASS and Social Service’s ~ MORE SUPPORT NEEDED!

Cafcass are destroying families in the UK with false reports, allegations of child abuse by parents and forced adoption. They are receiving financial incentives to take children into care. Cafcass have NO legal training, NO medical training and have been given too much power within family law court’s. Children, parents, grandparents and other family members are losing their children. It is heart breaking.

THIS MUST STOP NOW!    01sign                                                                                                                                       PETITION

We are asking/ demanding that the PM investigates Cafcass and Social Service’s and take action to STOP this abuse of power and more importantly the abuse of children and parent’s alike.

We all need to stand together to fight this legal child abuse. It is also against our Human Rights and the Rights of our children to be kept away from our children.




David silvester

Bristol, United Kingdom

28 Oct 2015 — Many people are going through a living hell, why? Because the family court system is corupt. Cafcass have too much power. Social Workers are too scared to make a mistake like they did with Baby P.
They are abusing their power, but worse of all they are systematically abusing children..
Recently I was talking to a lady who is facing losing her children, she messaged me and told me she had taken an overdose. I phoned her and she sounded dreadful so I hung up and called 999 for an ambulance. She did it because she is heartbroken. She messaged me and told me I saved her life. I did nothing more than anyone else would of done. I believe there are many more people who feel like ending their lives because they feel they have nothing to live for because their children have been stolen by a corupt system.
I’ve not seen my little girl for 3 years because of cafcass and false reporting disability discrimination and poor legal representation, solicitors don’t put the effort in when they are paid by legal aid.

Please spread the word and get this petition out there to get more signatures for the sake of children in care and those facing being stolen from their parents.
If you have twitter please share on there. Any other social media you use please spread the word there for our children’s sake.

Thank you all

Doug Seddon01sign

We need more john hemmings                                                                                 Petition
Unlike · Reply · 2 · 4 hrs
Colin G Price ·

Well put. The case should be not so much Fathers against Mothers or vice versa but about the wellfare. happiness of the children. Ways should also be sought to speed the system up to prevent too much harmful effects the whole thing has on the children. I also believe that in todays society there is too much emphasis from Government and the schools and TV etc on sex and jumping into bed at a very early age which can cause children to be born, if not aborted, to parents who just arnt mature enough or ready for parenting. The whole issue needs to be thoroughly looked at from all angles.
Reply · 3 hrs
Sarahanne Banks Bournes ·

Reply · 1 · 12 hrs
Keith Brettwood ·

hope you have some happy light at the end of your tunnel David. we know what youre going through and it certainly is a kind of hell on earth that most of the public know nothing about and have no idea that it goes on. i often compare what its like to be in this to the Film Hot Fuzz. Almost everywhere you turn for help people just smile and act as though theres nothing to what youre saying as if to suggest its all in your mind.So frustrating when you know its true.


  1. 11 hours ago
    Petition update

    Many people are going through a living hell, why? Because the family court system is corupt. Cafcass have too much power. Social Workers are too scared to make a mistake like they did with Baby P. They are abusing their…
  2. 3 months ago
    5,000 supporters
  3. 4 months ago
    Petition update

    Hi everyone. Signatures have slowed a bit. I’ve taken my foot of the gas a bit. Been dealing with my own case and also got rear ended in my car so been in a bit of discomfort with my neck and physio. Please keep sharing and tell…
  4. 4 months ago
    Petition update

    4999 signatures now, a massive thank you to each and everyone of you. Please Please Please keep sharing and telling people about it, the country is seeing more and more crimes against our children and their lieing child…
  5. 5 months ago
    4,000 supporters
  6. 5 months ago
    Petition update

    What a day yesterday was for our cause and getting to Downing Street to give Cameron a run for his money. The day started at 3600 supporters having just looked for the first time today we got 3,723 supporters!! 123…
  7. 5 months ago
    Petition update

    Come on my friends we are doing OK with numbers but what I’d like to know is why are there other petitions that have hundreds of thousands of signatures for some utter nonsense that has absolutely NOTHING to do…
  8. 5 months ago
    3,000 supporters
  9. 7 months ago
    Petition update

    Great to see the numbers going up and up. I appreciate every single one of you absolute legends who’ve signed OUR petition and shared it too. Thank you very much David
  10. 7 months ago
    1,500 supporters
  11. 7 months ago
    Petition update

    I can not thank you all enough. We’ve had 1066 signatures as of 14:30 today. This means we can hit Downing Street with OUR petition (this isn’t mine it’s OURS) and get the PM to look into the Cafcass shame and the amount of…
  12. 7 months ago
    1,000 supporters
  13. 8 months ago
    Petition update

    Had a fantastic response so far. Over 200 signatures in two days. Please pass the link to this petition to any and everyone you know. They may not have been affected by cafcass themselves but to sit and blindly let it…
  14. 8 months ago
    200 supporters
  15. 8 months ago
    David silvester started this petition

Film~maker Al Greeze Exposes Unfair Family Courts

Film-maker Al Greeze’s new documentary, “Frustrated 2: Mama’s Baby, Daddy’s Maybe,” exposes many of the injustices fathers face in family courts. MORE

Evidence inadmissible because it is the primary product of an unlawful act or because it was obtained by the exploitation of an unlawful act:

18 U.S. Code § 3504 – Litigation concerning sources of evidence
(a) In any trial, hearing, or other proceeding in or before any court, grand jury, department, officer, agency, regulatory body, or other authority of the United States—
(1) upon a claim by a party aggrieved that evidence is inadmissible because it is the primary product of an unlawful act or because it was obtained by the exploitation of an unlawful act, the opponent of the claim shall affirm or deny the occurrence of the alleged unlawful act;
(2) disclosure of information for a determination if evidence is inadmissible because it is the primary product of an unlawful act occurring prior to June 19, 1968, or because it was obtained by the exploitation of an unlawful act occurring prior to June 19, 1968, shall not be required unless such information may be relevant to a pending claim of such inadmissibility; and
(3) no claim shall be considered that evidence of an event is inadmissible on the ground that such evidence was obtained by the exploitation of an unlawful act occurring prior to June 19, 1968, if such event occurred more than five years after such allegedly unlawful act.
(b) As used in this section “unlawful act” means any act the use of any electronic, mechanical, or other device (as defined in section 2510 (5) of this title) in violation of the Constitution or laws of the United States or any regulation or standard promulgated pursuant thereto.

2 comments10403121_835942029799859_2612468037682536976_n

Elias Lou Abusaid
Elias Lou Abusaid

  • The above mentioned code is for criminal cases only…..family law is in the civil arena…..with its own set of rules, that should run parallel to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure……
 Childrens Rights Florida
Childrens Rights Florida

  • Thanks for your comment. However…if a parent in Family Court uses a false “police” report that details an incident of “alleged” domestic violence that never happen then IT IS APPLICABLE. If a parent in Family Court is ordered to a Psych Eval and the Court Appointed Psychologist (acting only in a forensic capacity) reports to the Family Court Judge information obtained from the parent’s psychiatrist/psychologist’s (diagnosis – assuming there is one) AND the Psychiatrist is later charged…
Childrens Rights Florida
Childrens Rights Florida

  • You probably want to know – The Financial Implications of ‪#‎Divorce‬ http://ow.ly/TQOrs‪#‎DivorceForce