She files a domestic violence charge takes the baby and moves out

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She files a domestic violence charge takes the baby and moves out

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Long story short…. My son’s girlfriend of a year, stopped taking her pill and got pregnant on purpose. My son took two jobs, found a house and they moved in together March of 2012. My grandchild was born that fall. Fast forward six months.

It’s May and my son had proposed. They took engagement photos and set a wedding date for October.

By June, she starts acting funny, hanging out with another guy and giving my son a hard time about everything. Meanwhile my son and us (baby’s grandparents) were practically raising my grandchild while her mother is out running around.

Mid-June she files a domestic violence charge (which is found unsubstantiated) takes the baby and moves out. We hire my son a lawyer and start the paperwork to establish parental rights and fatherhood. First lawyer does nothing and sends my son a bill for $3000.00. We hire a new lawyer and pay him a $2,500 retainer. By November she is moved in with the new guy, taking new engagement photos and fighting my son’s rights to see his child every way she can. She expects my son to drop his child off with a guy whom she cheated on him with and with a guy who threatened my son telling him he would never see his daughter again.
151106 ICMI16 FINAL
Instead of letting my son or us have his child while she is working or out running around she went behind my son’s back and found a daycare to stick the baby in while she does what she wants. My son has no say in this. For now. Meanwhile my grandchild is brought to us on his weekends and has constant severe diaper rashes, is frequently sick and cries and clings to her daddy when it’s time to send her back.

My son had his first court interview with the visitation mediator and for the first time since this whole ordeal started, someone actually listened to him and let him tell his side of the story. From start to finish. He is only asking for shared parenting (because that is what he was advised to start with) but he could wind up with way more.

My son never asked for any of this but manned up and embraced the fatherhood that was thrown at him so suddenly. He will fight to the ends of the earth for his daughter. Please keep him in your prayers as he continues this fight.

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Wales UNCRC Monitoring Group, a civil society of NGO’s, is forcing the Convention on the Rights of the Child into UK domestic family law across the United Kingdom; England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, and the British Overseas Territories and the Crown Dependencies between May 17- June 3, 2016.
It means that NGO’s will gain even more power and control over your child.

Wales UNCRC Group shows NGO’s shifty intent by asking the CRC Committee,
“Will Welsh Government seek to persuade the UK Government as State Party to:
1. incorporate the Convention in UK law
2. ratify the 3rd Optional Protocol?”
(OP3 tells children to complain directly to the Committee and NGO’s bypassing parents and local government)

Recommendations of the Committee of CRC in Geneva to change domestic law are never proposed or presented for debate to UK Parliament and Royal Assent. The recommendations become instant law and the Minister for Foreign and Commonwealth Office signs the protocols.
NGO’s have taken over judicial systems all over the world, Parliaments are obsolete, NGO’s are creating and implementing law not the elected MP. Judges have become NGO,s puppets.

The Wales UNCRC Group concern is not the child but $$$$.
The NGO “Funky Dragon” wrote,
“The major concern about cooperation with civil society relates to the withdrawal of Welsh Government funding, and in consequence the interruption in functioning, of the Children and Young People’s Assembly for Wales.”

CRC article 3 (the infamous Best Interest of the Child) and article 12 are already enforced worldwide. Article 12, the Right to be Heard is a manipulation to force a child to choose in court between mother or father. In policy making, article 12 is a manipulation to force governments to adopt laws created by civil society’s NGO’s and presented as the voices of children.

Stand up to withdraw from the Convention on the Rights of the Child!

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Treatment of Depression and Anxiety from High Conflict Divorce and Child Custody Battles Using Antidepressants and Benzodiazepines Is Risky

Divorce is one of the most stressful experiences most people endure, right up there with a death in the family, job loss and extended unemployment, or a medical catastrophe such as cancer. When you add to the mix a child custody battle with a Personality Disordered Abuser as your adversary, you will likely experience years of false allegations, be kicked out of your home, see your kids and family suffer the abuse of parental alienation, experience frequent misconduct by the courts, see your reputation ruined by defamation, suffer job loss and chronic underemployment or unemployment, and many other damages. During such a hellish experience, it is only natural to be depressed, anxious, and suffer chronic sleep problems. The continual stress results in what may initially appear as psychological problems but which inevitably result in physiological damage to one’s health. MORE

Many suffering from this nightmare will seek medical help from their general practitioner or psychiatrist. At some level they know the stress-related symptoms they are experiencing are not “all in their heads” as some may claim. Sometimes medical practitioners do help, other times they begin another series of upsets to their patient’s health. That’s because the mainstream therapies used by many doctors often include too quickly prescribing common antidepressants and anxiolytic medications that have a plethora of adverse effects on health. Fortunately, there are alternatives that can often help without the need for these medications or can help to reduce the prescription medication dosages required and thereby help avert some of the worst of the side effects.

Psychotherapy Is Not A Cure

When you visit your doctor or psychiatrist and explain how you can’t sleep and are depressed and anxious from the horrors of the family law system, first of all you should realize that most of these medical practitioners don’t really understand you or your situation. Unless one has been through the nightmare of the family law courts or has seen the destruction they inflict upon a close family member or friend, it’s hard to have any real understanding of this miserable reality.

Some medical providers may brush off your request for medication, pointing out that your stress is temporary and will go away in a few months and advise you to see a psychologist or therapist. While good psychologists and therapists can certainly provide some help, what they can do is often not enough as the manifestations of the family law crisis often include physiological illness brought on by chronic stress.

Many psychotherapists simply aren’t much use in such difficult situations. First of all, for a chance of good results you must find one who has some experience with the family law system and forms of child abuse including parental alienation. If you pick a therapist who has never set foot in a family court room and seen how dysfunctional the system is, you are far less likely to get competent treatment or helpful advice.

Many psychotherapists have zero experience in family law battles. They may be experts at substance abuse, marital arguments, or helping people suffering job loss but know nothing about extreme divorce and child custody battles. Even those who do have some experience often lack a full appreciation of how abusive, arbitrary, and destructive the family law courts are to their victims and how it frequently takes nothing but an unproven false allegation to put a good parent who has broken no laws and abused nobody into a no-contact or expensive supervised visitation situation that is itself a form of emotional abuse.

Naive therapists may be operating under the mistaken impression that you can’t be kicked out of your home and have all your property and assets taken from you without a chance to present your side of the story or at least some evidence of wrongdoing. But in today’s family law courts, it is not unusual for that to happen. One lie is all it takes to ruin months or years of the lives of the falsely accused parent and his or her children. A second lie is often all it takes to amplify the damage tenfold. The general public fails to understand this, and so do most therapists.

A really excellent therapist for you should also be expertly familiar with personality disorders and sociopathic abuse patterns. Some therapists run away from personality disorder cases as fast as they can. They know how dangerous these people can be to them personally. Others are totally ignorant of how destructive personality disorders can be to the misfortunate ones who married and/or had children with a person suffering one of the DSM-IV Axis II Cluster B personality disorders including Borderline, Narcissistic, Histrionic, and Antisocial personality disorders. Ideally, you want a therapist who knows a lot about personality disorders and is brave enough to help you face off with one of these people. “Brave” applies here because it is common for the Personality Disordered Abuser to seek to defame and even file complaints seeking to revoke the license of a therapist who dares to challenge their abusive behaviors or help their victims.

Unfortunately, finding a suitable therapist is often very difficult to do. For many people, joining a high conflict divorce or parental alienation support group or web discussion forum and asking for referrals from the people there may be one of the few realistic means they have to find a therapist who might be of some help.

If you are fortunate enough to find a good therapist familiar with family court abuse, you are likely to get some useful support and advice that may help you weather the long storm. But even when you have found a good therapist and are starting to build some rapport, the odds are strong that by then you will be suffering physiological symptoms of extreme stress that even an excellent therapist cannot resolve. Lots of talk therapy isn’t enough on its own to turn around severe depression, anxiety, or sleep disorders. Realizing this, you’ll probably go back to your doctor again looking for medical help.

Psychiatric Medicines Are Not Panaceas or Candy

After hearing that you’ve got a psychotherapist and are still suffering, even conservative doctors are going to whip out the prescription pad if they haven’t already. They are likely to quickly prescribe an antidepressant, an anxiolytic, and possibly a sleep medication from their list of favorites. Every doctor has favorite meds, ones they have used for years or new ones they want to try because they got a box full of samples or a fancy $100 surf ‘n turf dinner, golf outing, or a week long tropical vacation in the dead of winter from a big pharma rep pushing a lucrative new pill. So what you will be prescribed may often have little or nothing to do with what will actually work.

Few mainstream medical practitioners understand that to provide the best treatment for stress-related symptoms, they need to be running some tests to look for biochemical markers of what is going wrong inside the body. In this era of managed healthcare and big pharma controlling the approval of medicines and education of doctors, it is common to simply start trying medicines on stressed out patients as if they are flavors of candy. Unfortunately, that’s often neither safe nor effective medical practice unless the goal is profits for big pharma or holding down short-term costs for insurance companies and HMOs hoping that you’ll lose your insurance coverage so they are off the financial hook.

Many of the commonly used psychiatric medicines are potentially far more dangerous that eating a large bag of candy may be to a diabetic. And they are about as likely to “cure” depression or anxiety as that same bag full of candy would be to help a patient lose ten pounds of weight in a week.

Below are some observations about commonly used psychiatric medications that you’re likely to be prescribed if you visit your doctor for family law related health problems.


Anxiolytics are medications that are intended to oppose anxiety. Most of the common ones act upon the GABA receptors in the brain. GABA is a neurotransmitter with a purpose of calming down the brain. Many of these medications work pretty well at first, until you get used to using them. Then they often require higher and higher dosages as a physiological dependency (basically an addiction) develops. As the dependency grows, you may see your anxiety go from having trouble sleeping to having panic attacks between doses.

The most widely used class of anxiolytics is benzodiazepines including Xanax (alprazolam), Valium (diazepam), Restoril (temazepam), Klonopin (clonazepam), and many others. Most of these drugs are approved for short term use, but frequently patients are told to keep taking them for months or years and this is where much of the problem with these medications originates.

These meds are usually not bad choices for most people if they are used for only a few days or up to a week or two or a month at the outside. Another reasonable usage pattern is infrequent use (ideally much less than once per week) during high stress situations such as panic attacks. Using them much beyond these limited scopes and the risks go up dramatically. This is why a well-informed doctor will be very careful about writing prescriptions for these medications for limited quantities as they should be keeping a tight watch on your usage of such drugs. But many doctors fail to do this, often due to ignorance but sometimes due to cost containment pressures trying to limit “unnecessary” appointments at which they expect you’ll just be asking for a refill.

When you find one of these medications does help you calm down as you probably will at first, the doctor is tempted to keep you on it. And the longer you are on it, the more you will depend upon it. Because the doctors writing the prescriptions for these meds are virtually never the same ones who are helping hundreds of thousands of addicted people get off of them, they often fail to appreciate the risks these medications present. When a patient is severely addicted to these meds, it is not unusual for the patient to go “doctor shopping” to find yet another doctor to write another prescription as even many of those who originally wrote the first several prescriptions will at some point question why you are needing several times the amount of medication.

Even if you don’t end up addicted to these medications, they are still likely to hurt you. Common side effects from this class of medications resemble those of alcohol as many of them function as depressants of the central nervous system and cause cognitive impairments, short-term memory problems, slurred speech, clumsiness, slow reflexes, drowsiness, and other sorts of troubles you’d expect to see after a few alcoholic drinks. Worsened depression and liver and kidney damage are among the more moderately severe side effects. In extreme cases, these drugs can kill you via triggering respiratory arrest (cessation of breathing) particularly when combined with painkillers that are also often prescribed to people with severe stress related pain symptoms.

Benzodiazepines also generally mess around with your sleep architecture by reducing the amount of deep sleep and/or REM sleep, leaving you with more light sleep that is not as restorative. So while they may help you fall asleep when you are anxious, the sleep you will get will probably not be as restful as what you need. The more you use them to fall asleep, the worse your insomnia is likely to become without them. Long-term use also tends to worsen depression. These are three more good reasons why benzodiazepines should not be used on a daily basis even if you do manage to avoid addiction.

To give you an idea how destructive benzodiazepines can be, Australia banned temazepam in 2004 due to widespread abuse, prescription forgery, and theft from pharmacies. Sweden has reportedly banned the drug due to similar experience. In the United Kingdom, BBC TV broadcast a documentary titled “Temazepam Wars” involving drug related abuse and crime in Paisley, Scotland. In the US and Canada, the problems have not been as severe but clearly there is potential for disaster for anybody using these kinds of medications for long.

Seven Years since I filed for divorce I was taken prisoner by the local family court by: Family Court Political Prisoner

Seven Years since I filed for divorce I was taken prisoner by the local family court by: Family Court Political Prisoner Canada Family Law Parental Alienation Justice Court

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I see my kids every other weekend but not a full weekend. I get no holidays. No Christmases. No birthdays. Nothing but flitting glimpses of biological children who are now estranged permanently.

Seven years since I filed for divorce. And immediately was taken prisoner by the local “family” court. No hearing.

No property split. No legal divorce even though she’s since remarried. They live in my house. Raising my children without me. I’m a husbandectomy courtesy of VAWA.

The only thing the court has done in seven years is put a temporary restraining order on me since March of 2008 before and without any hearing, then continue it from hearing to hearing thereafter. Then five years long. Renewed last year for another five years — because of my free speech here and for filing bigamy and court fraud with the police.

My job was attacked. I’ve been hunted down in the Sierras at their bidding, for another “talk” about my big mouth.

I used to love this country. Now all I see is that I’m a political prisoner of what I thought loved me too.

Nothing else is as great a crises in America than what is going on in its court system. Nothing. Not race. Not Obama’s scandals. Not even 9-11 compares to the horror of the family court system. Something the internet seems to have unwittingly exposed in a way that the corruption can’t stop. Sharing. Fellowship.

Courts are darkness; from which some day soon you will all suffer. At your happiest moment, you will suddenly wake up outside the matrix, and die screaming in soul searing anguish –for the rest of your life. Access the originating page here:


EQUAL SHARED PARENTING : Nobody has ever gotten their freedom by appealing to the moral sense of the oppressor

Nobody has ever gotten their freedom by appealing to the moral sense of the oppressor

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We don’t need shared parenting, we want Equal Shared Parenting! Many people already have shared parenting, and have it at an unequal level (90% mother, 10% father, 80% mother, 20% father, is considered shared parenting). The fact that a father is even “allowed” in a child’s life is looked upon as some kind of special gift to the father. Screw those bastards!

Canada Family Law Parental Alienation Justice Court

We demand EQUAL SHARED PARENTING and nothing less!!! If it isn’t EQUAL SHARED PARENTING, it isn’t fair and just. We need to demand what is our and our children’s rights! Nobody is going to give it to us, especially those uber greedy, ignorant, petty tyrants of the court system.

“Nobody in the world, Nobody in history, has ever gotten their freedom by appealing to the moral sense of the people who were oppressing them.”
—Assata Shakur

He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it.” 
Martin Luther King Jr.

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#BBCQT @bbcqt from North London.5th November ~ @bbcquestiontime

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05/11/2015 Thursday 22:35

David Dimbleby presents topical debate from North London.


“I have concluded that it is now impossible to defend a system from accusations of bias and discrimination if it operates behind closed doors. Even as Minister for Family Justice, I find the rules make it hard for me to establish what is going on.

It is my job to reassure Parliament that the family court system is working properly. But how can I know? I can’t read newspaper reports of cases; I can’t just go and sit at the back of the court, as I can – and do – in magistrates’ courts. And how can MPs hold me to account for a system they cannot see? Parliamentary accountability for the family courts is wholly theoretical while the system remains closed. How can the influential Constitutional Affairs Select Committee conduct investigations into its workings?

And when we debate family law in Parliament, neither MP’s nor Ministers can really know what we are talking about. We have to legislate in the dark”.…/join-us-so-we-can-demand…/Chris Grayling Parental Involvement… The amendments to the Children’s Act which were introduced by the Children & Families Act do not help the parents or the children the family courts are supposed to best serve. I think it’s very sad successive governments even those who pledged to end the misery of the family courts when they were in opposition have failed to provide families with a family justice system they can trust & respect. Once the father is eliminated, the state functionally replaces him as protector and provider. By removing the father, the state also creates a host of problems for itself to solve: child poverty, child abuse, juvenile crime, and other problems associated with single-parent homes. In this way, the divorce machinery is self-perpetuating and self-expanding. Involuntary divorce is a marvelous tool that allows for the infinite expansion of government power

.… One ‘problem family’ costs £250,000 a year… Family breakdown ‘could cost taxpayers £46bn… Third of family break-up children lose contact with fathers… A Fathers role in a child’s life is a very important one…

UK Family Law Reform

UK Family Law Reform

V for Vendetta photo: V for Vendetta Parliament explosion vparliamentexplosion.jpg

Family courts must ‘let the sunlight in’ to avoid outrageous injustices!

Douglas Carswell said: “There is a scandal at the moment. Secrecy within the UK’s system of family courts is allowing social workers to ride roughshod over ordinary people and resulting in the unnecessary breakup of families and forced adoptions.

“We feel very strongly that the secrecy in the family courts is leading to some outrageous injustices. It’s the big cartel courts and the legal profession and the social workers riding roughshod against ordinary people. We think common sense is needed to address this that means greater sensitivity and more openness in the family courts which this timely paper advocates.” pru_cover_Family_Courts.jpg

UKIP’s 2015 General Election Manifesto pledged to bring forward a full and open review of childcare and child protection services in Britain, with a view to initiating wholesale reform of a system that’s clearly failing. In particular, we singled out the need to investigate rising levels of ‘forced’ adoptions and the outrageous injustices that it entails. It’s this pledge that we’re fulfilling with the launch ofOpening Up the Family Courts.

The paper, the first to be published by the UKIP Parliamentary Resource Unit (UKIP PRU), was launched at a cross party event in the House of Commons. Speaking at the launch were UKIP MP Douglas Carswell, the former Liberal Democrat MP John Hemmings who has been a powerful advocate for greater transparency in the family courts as Chairman of Justice for Families and Suzanne Evans, UKIP Deputy Chairman. Amongst others, Sharon Hodgson, the Labour Shadow Children’s Minister for adoption and fostering attended the event as did the Conservative MP Lucy Allan.

Douglas Carswell said: “There is a scandal at the moment. Secrecy within the UK’s system of family courts is allowing social workers to ride roughshod over ordinary people and resulting in the unnecessary breakup of families and forced adoptions.

“We feel very strongly that the secrecy in the family courts is leading to some outrageous injustices. It’s the big cartel courts and the legal profession and the social workers riding roughshod against ordinary people. We think common sense is needed to address this that means greater sensitivity and more openness in the family courts which this timely paper advocates.”

UKIP Chairman Steve Crowther: I am pleased to see the launch of this first discussion paper from the UKIP Parliamentary Resource Unit. These papers will stimulate debate on important policy areas which are being overlooked by our legislators at present. Forced adoption and the operation of the family courts are prime examples of issues where the rights of the individual are at risk from secretive, self-referencing ‘authorities’, and so are prime UKIP territory.”

To combat failures in the adoption process the paper proposes several measures, and you can read the detail in the paper here. In brief the proposals include:

* Remove the current blanket ban on media reporting of placement and adoption proceedings, and allow the media to report on these cases and to access expert reports on the same basis as other family law proceedings;

* Require reporting of court proceedings on an anonymised basis for family members, and mandate publication for all case summaries, skeleton arguments, judgements and other documents as a matter of course;

* Require expert witnesses to list previous court cases in which they’ve given evidence;

* And promote more extensive use of Special Guardianship Orders so that a child can be made a ward of an extended family member, such as a grandparent, and thereby retain a relationship with their birth family. These orders are used relatively infrequently at present, and we believe there’s scope for them to be used more widely. MORE