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Posted by Tom Swarbrick on July 09, 2015 at 13:37PM

A year and two days after the Home Secretary announced the Inquiry, through two deposed previous Chairs, the setting up and then dismantling of a panel, the largest public inquiry in this country’s history has begun.
    • It’s been a long time coming.

A year and two days after the Home Secretary announced the Independent Inquiry Into Child Sex Abuse – through two deposed previous Chairs, the setting up and then dismantling of a panel – the largest public inquiry in this country’s history has begun.

The journey even to this point has been a challenge and this morning we learnt just how long and challenging the journey ahead will be.

Justice Goddard, peering over the rim of her glasses, spent over an hour explaining, clarifying and outlining the next 5 years.

The Inquiry will travel “from the corridors of power in Westminster to children’s homes in the poorest parts of the country, to hospitals, GP surgeries, schools, churches and charities.” Five different work streams have been set up in order to look into public and private institutions who are alleged to have discharged their duties to protect the most vulnerable. The military and security services will also be examined, with Goddard being given clearance to source any necessary information from MI6, MI5 and GCHQ.

As well as the four other panel members, Justice Goddard also appointed an eight-strong Victims and Survivors’ Consultative Panel: the people around whom this Inquiry is built. They will work alongside the main panel not just in the headquarters in Millbank, but also in the various sateillite offices that will pop up around the country to assist the Inquiry.

In order to get to the truth, Goddard has written to over 240 institutions ordering them to search out and keep any documents or material that may be of use to her. A national “Truth Project” has been set up allowing victims and survivors to give confidential testimony and what was striking from Goddard was her clear determination to hold to people, institutions and policies to account: “No-one will have immunity from scrutiny by virtue of their position”.

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Not everyone is pleased with the format of the Inquiry, particularly at the lack of survivor representation on the executive panel. Goddard, though, couldn’t have been more explicit in saying that it is from those survivors she wants to hear in setting up a new website, social media profile and phone line so that they could get in touch. Help is also being put in place to support the many who will have to talk about the trauma they suffered.

And the numbers of people who may pass through the Inquiry’s doors are staggering. Estimates suggest that one child in every 20 in the United Kingdom has been sexually abused. Every allegation of sexual abuse heard at the Inquiry will be passed to the police with the Met already saying they are anticipating around 30,000 new cases.

£17.9m million has been budgeted for the CSA Inquiry for this year. The feeling is that it will only increase, but at what price justice? As Goddard herself said today: “Reducing the level of child sexual abuse in this country is not a choice between competing priorities; it is an imperative.

“Its value cannot be calculated in monetary terms.”




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Why is this important?

In the wake of Child Abuse revelations , MP expenses scandals Self imposed wage rises and other benefits whilst restricting most peoples access to the minimum healthcare they are entitled to having paid into it for many years.
Members of Parliament , Peers and Clergy should come under greater scrutiny and accountability.

Expenses: Lords who do not vote claim £100k – report

House of Lords

Members of the House of Lords who did not vote in the last parliamentary session claimed £100,000 in expenses, a report has found.

From 2010-15 a total of £360,000 was claimed by 62 peers who did not vote, the Electoral Reform Society said.

Members are not paid a salary but can claim a daily allowance of £300 if they attend a sitting.

A spokesman for the campaign group said the statistics showed the House of Lords was “growing out of control”.

Darren Hughes, the group’s deputy chief executive, added: “The prime minister said he regrets not reforming the second House in the last parliament. It’s time for him to act and finally fix our broken upper chamber.”

‘Unrepresentative institution’

The report – entitled House of Lords: Fact vs Fiction – also found that 10 peers were responsible for claiming £260,000 of the £360,000 from 2010-2015.

The society estimates that if the prime minister forges ahead with plans to appoint 50 additional members of the Lords it will cost at least £1.3m per year.

The report also says that more than a third of Lords previously worked in politics, and more than half were over 70 years old, while only two were younger than 39.

Mr Hughes said: “This is not a chamber of experts – it’s a chamber of professional politicians.

“Our House of Lords looks nothing like the public whose decisions it impacts – almost half live in London or the South East, while there are just two peers under the age of 40.

“This is a shockingly out of date and unrepresentative institution.”

Who’s in the House of Lords?

783 peers

currently eligible to vote in the House of Lords

  • 670 Life peers
  • 87 Hereditary peers
  • 26 Bishops
  • £300 daily expenses available to each peer for attending at Westminster Read More


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Contact 10 Downing Street                                   Rt Hon Michael Gove MP


            Lucy Allan MP                                                                   Improving Child Protection

In 2012 Lucy fronted a media campaign highlighting flaws in the UK child protection system. This followed her own family’s experience of the system.

During a visit to a GP, to seek help with symptoms of depression, Lucy said she was worried about the impact on her son. Without meeting her son, a newly qualified locum, decided that the family might benefit from social services input. Unwittingly, this well meaning act triggered a full scale child protection enquiry.

Despite medical professionals giving Lucy a clean bill of health and evidence from other professionals that Lucy’s son was happy and thriving, the Council set about trying to  build a case that her son was at risk of harm.

Alarmed by the Council’s determination to find their son had been at risk and the potential consequences for him, the family instructed solicitors. After a lengthy battle the Council finally conceded their son had not been at risk.

The experience gave Lucy insight into the way the system works in practice, the unchecked power of the State to intervene in family life, and the potentially devastating consequences for children and their families. The media campaign generated a huge response from families; inspired by their stories Lucy set up Family First.            Contact Your Own MP

Camilla Cavendish at The Times CEO Summit in 2011.Parliament-Justice-Times-cartoon

Camilla Cavendish at The Times CEO Summit in 2011.          Send a message to one/some or all of our MP’

As British politics becomes more presidential, the structure of Number 10 matters more and more. David Cameron values continuity, collegiality and calmness in his senior team and what is striking is how many of his team are staying on post-election.

The word coming out of Downing Street today is that Ed Llewellyn will remain as chief of staff in this parliament. But Llewellyn will also be the Prime Minister’s point person on the EU renegotiation, a hugely time consuming task. Number 10 is emphasising that the two deputy chiefs of staff, Craig Oliver and Kate Fall will be taking on more responsibilities to ensure the efficient running of the Cameron operation when Llewellyn is absent. MORE newspaper-montage

                                                     Lobby National & Local Press

Michael Mansfield QC: “I Am Than More Willing To Consider Chairing An Inquiry into Child Abuse.”

Baroness Lawrence of Clarendon   ((CONTACT))

((PROTEST))~IFSW European Conference & Social Services EXPO 2015




6-9 September | Edinburgh

Denise Robertson Daily Mail article – a response from BASW’s Vice Chair

We have had a number of complaints about our sharing of a Daily Mail article about a book by Agony Aunt Denise Robertson. The book is highly critical of forced adoption, and features many stories from parents and grandparents and others about this. We regularly post articles about social work, critical and supportive, which we think will be of interest to our members. The Daily Mail is widely read and therefore helps form public opinion about our profession, so there can be no doubt that the article is of great interest.

The complaints are either that we published the article at all, or that we published it without comment.  There seems to be a belief that as a member led organisation representing social workers, we should automatically reject any criticism and therefore should defend the practice of non-consensual or ‘forced’ adoption. While BASW fully accepts responsibility for defending our members if their practice is challenged, we are also responsible for debating and discussing ethical practice.

The issue of adoption without parental consent and against their wishes is one that we feel is of professional concern and must be openly and fully debated, not just within social work, but also in the wider world.

We need to hear the challenges and the concerns of social workers and our partners and also from birth parents and families.  The removal of children from siblings and families is now encouraged on the basis of the assessment of likelihood of future harm or risk rather than on any evidence of actual harm or risk.

This and the irreversible nature of an adoption order does make it one of the highest risk decisions and actions that a social worker will ever make in their career.  There are therefore clear grounds for human rights concerns, and concerns about the best interests of these children and their siblings and families.

There is growing public interest and concern, and it is very important that your professional association shows leadership in responding to this. We cannot deny that there are grounds for concern and inquiry and explanation, and neither should we attack the messengers – the birth families and their spokespeople such as Denise Robertson.

I will always support the open airing of critical comment and believe that we have a responsibility to members to respond to these openly and with an ethical and informed position.

Maggie Mellon

Vice Chair

The British Association of Social Workers (BASW)

Published : 28th May 2015

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