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05/11/2015 Thursday 22:35

David Dimbleby presents topical debate from North London.


“I have concluded that it is now impossible to defend a system from accusations of bias and discrimination if it operates behind closed doors. Even as Minister for Family Justice, I find the rules make it hard for me to establish what is going on.

It is my job to reassure Parliament that the family court system is working properly. But how can I know? I can’t read newspaper reports of cases; I can’t just go and sit at the back of the court, as I can – and do – in magistrates’ courts. And how can MPs hold me to account for a system they cannot see? Parliamentary accountability for the family courts is wholly theoretical while the system remains closed. How can the influential Constitutional Affairs Select Committee conduct investigations into its workings?

And when we debate family law in Parliament, neither MP’s nor Ministers can really know what we are talking about. We have to legislate in the dark”. https://ukfathers.wordpress.com/…/join-us-so-we-can-demand…/Chris Grayling Parental Involvementhttp://www.ukfamilylawreform.co.uk/chrisgraylingparentalinv… The amendments to the Children’s Act which were introduced by the Children & Families Act do not help the parents or the children the family courts are supposed to best serve. I think it’s very sad successive governments even those who pledged to end the misery of the family courts when they were in opposition have failed to provide families with a family justice system they can trust & respect. Once the father is eliminated, the state functionally replaces him as protector and provider. By removing the father, the state also creates a host of problems for itself to solve: child poverty, child abuse, juvenile crime, and other problems associated with single-parent homes. In this way, the divorce machinery is self-perpetuating and self-expanding. Involuntary divorce is a marvelous tool that allows for the infinite expansion of government power

.http://www.ukfamilylawreform.co.uk/divorceasrevolutionbyste… One ‘problem family’ costs £250,000 a year

http://www.ukfamilylawreform.co.uk/oneproblemfamilycosts250… Family breakdown ‘could cost taxpayers £46bn

http://www.ukfamilylawreform.co.uk/familybreakdowncouldcost… Third of family break-up children lose contact with fathers

http://www.ukfamilylawreform.co.uk/thirdoffamilybreakupchil… A Fathers role in a child’s life is a very important one


UK Family Law Reform

UK Family Law Reform

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Message from Quentin Willson @FairFuelUK

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The FairFuelUK Campaign

FairFuelUK Campaigning Message from Quentin Willson

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October 2015

Dear FairFuelUK Supporter, Quentin Willson of the FairFuelUK Campaign

Because of your support we are making a significant difference in Westminster. Almost every day we see evidence that our fight for lower fuel costs hasn’t just significantly helped the UK economy but has become something the Government likes taking lots of credit for. Only last week a Conservative MP told Jon Snow on C4 News that the suspension of Labour’s fuel duty escalators has helped everybody not least those likely to suffer from the contentious cuts in income tax credits. The MP didn’t of course mention that No 10 had to be bullied by FairFuelUK (thanks to your support) to cancel those rises in the first place, but the Conservatives are clearly enjoying being on the moral high ground when it comes to transport costs.

The Bank of England continues to crow about low inflation due to falling fuel spend and economists continually tell us that low fuel prices have increased consumer confidence and economic activity. But we’re not resting on our laurels. We have again commissioned the CEBR to analyse in depth the impact of recent lower pump prices on HM Treasury’s tax receipts, consumer spending, inflation, jobs and economic growth. The results will be ready before George Osborne’s Autumn Statement on November 25th. We will keep you informed. In the meantime please read our update below and how your continuing support is vital to address those issues 37m drivers contend with everyday.

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Please take part in our quick Diesel Survey →
We’re now a major voice in the diesel debate advising caution and writing to the Chancellor asking him to resist any knee-jerk duty or tax rises. Our diesel surveywww.fairfueluk.com/dieselsurvey.html already has 3000 responses in the last 48 hours and will give us an accurate snapshot of public sentiment on diesel and emissions. We know we can’t let the media drive this very important debate and are making sure the discussions are informed, fair and sensible. Please can you spend just a couple of minutes in completing this survey. We need to get your thoughts into the media and at Westminster.

Were you aware of the critical shortage of lorry drivers? →
As you know FairFuelUK is partly funded by the leading UK Haulage Associations, the APN, FTA and RHA who represent the commercial heartbeat of our nation. Lorries quite literally move the UK economy – BUT – due to a significant driver shortage that movement is threatened and may impact on shop supplies, inflation, economic growth and as a consequence all our lives. To emphasise the importance of the road haulage industry, the RHA are staging a national awareness campaign, ‘National Lorry Week’, from the 26th-31st October 2015. Please support it by going to the RHA Website.


At last we have a Pump Pricing Inquiry 
There’s growing anti-car rhetoric out there which needs to be robustly countered by a trustworthy and experienced voice. And that’s us. We’re making history with our All Party Parliamentary Group enquiry into road fuel pricing planned for December (the first truly independent road fuel enquiry ever) and have invited the major players in the fuel supply chain to have their say. We’re anxious that the UK has clear and transparent fuel pricing for consumers and giving the industry an opportunity to explain and clarify the current system will help everybody.

We’re also about to release the findings of our recent FairFuel Motoring Survey – the biggest survey of UK drivers – which will provide hard evidence for our continued lobbying in Westminster. And our lobbying does work. I was talking to an independent petrol retailer the other day who told me that our media activity criticising the Rocket and Feather pricing effect has made a big difference. He admitted that he’s now much more aware that the public doesn’t like the fast price rises at the pumps when oil goes up and the glacial reductions when crude goes down and he’s changed his pricing policy as a result. Surprise, surprise, he’s seeing more customer loyalty and better sales on his forecourt. Our aim is to make the road fuel market in the UK fairer, cheaper, more transparent and better understood by both politicians and the public.

FairFuelUK will continue to make this a reality. Please keep supporting FairFuelUK and get others you know to do the same. The more of us backing sanity at the pumps and supporting the only credible campaigning voice for UK’s hard pressed drivers, the likelihood our politicos will act!

Thank you so much for your support, best wishes
Quentin Willson

PS. Please buy a campaign sticker to help fund FairFuelUK’s work at this link www.fairfueluk.com/campaigndonations.html

The Following Organisations Help Fund The FairFuelUK Campaign
Backers of the FairFuelUK Campaign

Follow us on Twitter
Quentin Willson’s Twitter is www.twitter.com/quentinwillson
Campaign Founder Howard Cox’s Twitter is www.twitter.com/howardccox

www.fairfueluk.comFairFuelUK is the Nationally Recognised Award Winning Campaign fighting for lower petrol & diesel prices and is widely accredited with stopping £30 billion of fuel duty being levied on businesses and the public since 2011. FairFuelUK is supported by 1,200,000 members of the public, founding backers the RHA and FTA, plus Microlise and the Association of Pallet Networks – Over 140 MPs have also declared their support for the FairFuelUK Campaign. The Campaign’s primary focuses are to see a significant cut in Fuel Duty (with VAT the total tax approximates to nearly 70% of the pump price), more pricing receipt transparency and for petrol and diesel to be of equal levels of pricing at the pumps. FairFuelUK will continue to fight against oil speculator profiteering influence and any potential market price fixing at the pumps.

The FairFuelUK Campaign C/O 1 Rammell Mews, Cranbrook, Kent, TN17 3BQ
Tel – 07515 421611
email: campaign@fairfueluk.com

You are receiving this email to add support to the already highly successful FairFuelUK Campaign. Your contact details were obtained from signing up to the campaign in the last 5 years, taking part in surveys or being interested in the campaign. If you dont want to receive any more emails from the FairFuelUK Campaign. Simply unsubscribe below. If you want to change your existing subscribed email address, unsubscribe below and then resubscribe with your new one atwww.fairfueluk.com


Labour’s Roy Hattersley QUITS the House of Lords as it ‘goes against the idea of equality’

The party’s former Deputy Leader unleashed a blistering verbal assault on the “vastly inferior institution”, 18 years after becoming peer

Birmingham Post and MailLord Roy Hattersley
Quit: Lord Roy Hattersley has resigned from the “unequal” House of Lords

Labour big beast Roy Hattersley is quitting the House of Lords and launched a scathing attack on the upper chamber.

The party’s former Deputy Leader unleashed a blistering verbal assault on the “vastly inferior institution”, 18 years after becoming peer.

The Mirror is campaigning to abolish the unelected chamber – and Lord Hattersley has joined mounting criticism of the House.

He said: “It is a vastly inferior institution and goes against the idea of equality.

“How can it be equal if the Lords are chosen by the Prime Minister?

“In principle, it’s wrong, but we can’t get rid of it because there would be uproar.”

GettyRoy Hattersley, British Labour politician, author and journalist, served as Deputy Leader of the Labour Party from 1983 to 1992, appears at a photocall prior to an event at the 30th Edinburgh International Book Festival, on August 13, 2013 in Edinburgh, Scotland
Roy Hattersley: He says he has quit because the institution is not equal

Former Shadow Chancellor Lord Hattersley was speaking at the Edinburgh Book Festival when he made his comments.

He was a Shadow Cabinet Minister at the 1983 general election when Labour’s manifesto included scrapping the House of Lords.

But, 14 years later, and after 33 years as MP for Birmingham Sparkbrook, he accepted a peerage under Tony Blair’s premiership.

Lord Hattersley would only say last night(TUE): “I’m just retiring because I’m living in Derbyshire and I’m 83. There’s nothing significant about it.”

His resignation comes as David Cameron is poised to unveil at least another 50 peers in his post-election honours list, expected on Thursday.


With Law Lords and Clergy making up a big part of the Privileged House what hope for Justice in Family Court and Social Services 

They are set to include Conservative donors, close pals of the PM and long-serving Tory MPs who stood down at May’s election.

GettyBritish Prime Minister, David Cameron
New Lords: David Cameron is expected to announce 50 new peers on Thursday

Desperate Mr Cameron wants to stuff more Tories into the Lords to cut the number of Government defeats.

But with nearly 800 members, including 26 bishops, it is the world’s second biggest legislature after the China’s National People’s Congress.

It costs taxpayers £100million a year to run, and more than 100 new peers have been created in the last five years.

In addition to the day-to-day running costs, taxpayers are forking out more than £60,000 a week so wealthy peers can feast on lavish three-course meals.

Restaurants, cafes and bars catering for the 783 Lords, bishops and baronesses receive £1.3million a year from the public purse, official figures show.

The average age of the House of Lords is 70, compared with the UK average of 38 for men and 40 for women.

PALord Sewel
Resigned: Lord Sewel stepped down from the Lords amid claims he took cocaine with prostitutes

Critics claim it is too unaccountable, too expensive and must go.

Last month a shamed peer had to quit after he was filmed allegedly taking cocaine with prostitutes – and bizarrely discussed politics during one of his drug-fuelled romps.

Baron John Sewel, 69, resigned as the Lords’ Deputy Speaker and Chairman of Committees as claims of drug fuelled trysts with hookers emerged.

Campaigners and senior politicians demanded the creation of an elected second chamber.

Darren Hughes, of the Electoral Reform Society, said: “Every year there are stories like this about our upper House, and every time the need for reform becomes more pressing.

“The idea that peers can totally lose the confidence of the public and never be held to account is bewildering to most people.

“We can only get real accountability through an elected chamber – not through the cosy arrangements that exist at the moment.”

Should the House of Lords be scrapped? ((Click Here))


@FairFuelUK @QuentinWillson £1 Per Litre to Boost UK Economy! @HowardCCox@SupportFairFuel #cutfuelduty4growth

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    Dangerous drivers/offenders shld be banned

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