A stain on the reputation of the family justice system


There’s been legal chatter for a while about the issue of alleged perpetrators of domestic violence being able to cross-examine alleged victims.  There was a big press campaign, and our beloved Lord Chancellor got knee-jerked into issuing a ‘something will be done’ statement without actually getting any funding for it, which then got kicked into the long grass in the quest for strong and stable Government by calling a snap election.

Lucy Reed over at Pink Tape has written about it quite a lot, and well worth checking out Pink Tape if you don’t already read it.

Anyway, here is Hayden J’s pretty savage commentary when it arose in a case before him

A (A Minor : Fact Finding; Unrepresented Party) [2017] EWHC 1195 (Fam) (19 May 2017)


  1. As I have made clear above it was necessary, in this case, to permit F to conduct cross examination of M directly. A…

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The Travel Tag

Ella May Garrett

I was nominated by the amazing Oriana to do the Travel Tag and I thought it was such a fantastic idea!

I love travelling. It is definitely something I haven’t done a lot of and I’m not a global jetsetter as I don’t exactly have the funds for that but I am so passionate about visiting other places and falling in love with their way of life and culture.

I have done a few travel posts before such as my Travel Bucket List, Pinterest Travel Inspiration, Barcelona and Yangshuo if you’re interested in checking them out.

What is your favourite place that you have ever visited?

In terms of it being a place that very few people have been to and it being quite a once in a lifetime experience, Yangshuo was just incredible. It is very close to Vietnam so the mountains are just breathtaking and I…

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ADR Commission Says Family-Law Mediators Cannot Prepare Legal Documents, Even When the Parties Don’t Have Lawyers

Herston on Tennessee Family Law

The Tennessee Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Commission was recently presented with the following question:

Is drafting a marital dissolution agreement or other legal document for presentation to the court by a Neutral in a mediation setting considered “participation as attorney” or is it considered an appropriate memorialization of a settlement agreement under Rule 31?

On April 25, 2017, the ADR Commission answered this question in Advisory Opinion 2017-0002.

But first, let’s review.

Family-law mediators are governed by Tennessee Supreme Court Rule 31. Rule 31 § 10(c)(1) provides that family-law mediators “shall refrain from participation as attorney, advisor, judge, guardian ad litem, master, or in any other judicial or quasi-judicial capacity in the matter in which the Rule 31 ADR Proceeding was conducted.”

Rule 31 Appendix A § 10(a)(1) requires the family-law mediator to (1) request that any settlement agreement “be memorialized appropriately,” and (2) discuss “the process for formalization…

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WHO spends more on travel costs than fighting AIDS

Fellowship of the Minds

margaret chan UN Traveling large: UN Health Agency Director-General Margaret Chan

Your tax dollars at work.

From NY Post: The World Health Organization is spending more money on the travel bug than on fighting AIDS or malaria, according to a new report.

The UN health agency blows around $200 million a year on travel costs so its honchos can fly business class and stay in five-star hotels — more than what it reserves for battling some of the world’s biggest health crisis, the AP reports.

“We don’t trust people to do the right thing when it comes to travel,” the agency’s finance director Nick Jeffreys was caught saying at a 2015 seminar, according to the report.

WHO last year spent around $71 million on AIDS and hepatitis, $61 million on malaria and $59 million on tuberculosis, the wire service reports — although it does allocate a generous $450 million to polio every…

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The Real Conspiracy: Conspiring to Cast Everything as a Conspiracy Theory


Source: The Daily Bellby Joe Jarvis

Everything is a conspiracy, the elite globalists control us all, they will win, and resistance is futile.

Well, in that case, what’s the point of even fighting it? In fact, if all is so hopeless, why even bother pointing out how hopeless it is?

Or could it be–gasp, conspiracy!–that those ultra-pessimists are really themselves the agents of the controlling elite?

The idea is that those in power get people to throw their hands in the air in exasperated surrender by presenting the war as already won. They inject doubt into every movement, technology, and non-government solution so that it seems like all the paths to freedom have already been compromised.

Will Bitcoin save us from the Federal Reserve, or will it enslave us to a new global currency? Are Airbnb and Uber freeing tools to upset entrenched industries or clever…

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