Stay-at-Home Dad 101: I am Running an Unlicensed Before-and-After School Program in My Home

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My wife typically leaves the house for work around 6:00 AM. If I’m lucky, my kids will both sleep in until 7 o’clock. Usually, I’m not lucky.

Usually, one child will wake the other around 6:20, which means I’m taking care of two young children for the next 2 hours, as my 7 year-old son’s bus doesn’t arrive until 8:22.

It’s a solid 30 minutes just to get them dressed and fed, which leaves another hour and a half to let them play, but while trying to keep them from getting themselves into trouble.

Over the past 2 months that I’ve been a stay-at-home dad (who also works from home as a freelance writer and YouTuber), I’ve learned the art of getting household chores done while they are entertaining each other.

For example, I’ve learned I can effortlessly unload the dishwasher while they have their post-breakfast picnic on the living…

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254) Proof of Crime Patrol true stories ::: India’s most brutal, cruel, barbarian serial killer murders 40 children in a span of 7 years

I targeted children, none of them hit back: Delhi serial rapist

Ravinder Kumar, the alleged serial rapist-murderer recently arrested from Delhi, could have visited sex workers to satisfy his lust, but he felt drawn only to “little children” when he was drunk.

In a conversation with The Hindu, the 24-year-old accused described how he would strangle most of his victims, almost all aged between two and 12, before having sex with their lifeless bodies. “I would kill them so that they did not cry and scream when I raped them. Killing them first saved me from being caught,” he said.

“The children’s fight back was limited to pushing away my hand. None of them ever hit me back,” said Ravinder. He was nabbed by the Outer Delhi police after they stumbled upon the mutilated body of his latest victim at an under-construction building…

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248) Proof of Crime Patrol true stories ::: Barbaric killers of cops of India

TN cop killed in shootout in Raj; kin to get ₹1 crore

14.12.2017 Chennai: A city police inspector was killed in a shootout in Rajasthan’s Pali district in the early hours on Wednesday where a special team was sent to nab suspects wanted in connection with a gold heist here. Four other police personnel were injured in the incident.

Tamil Nadu chief minister K Palaniswami expressed grief over the death of S Periyapandiyan (48) and announced a solatium of Rs 1 crore to his family.

Periyapandiyan was Inspector (Law and Order), Maduravoyal police station.

The state government will also bear the education expenses of the slain inspector’s two sons, Palaniswami said in a statement.

The chief minister said a five-member team comprising Periyapandiyan, Kolathur inspector Munisekar and three other police personnel–Ambrose, Gurumurthy and Sudharsan–had gone to Rajasthan in search of one Nathuram and some of his accomplices in connection with…

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235) Proof of Crime Patrol true stories ::: Love, Sex & Dhoka killers of India – infidelity, adultery, paramour, extra marital affair killers

Man kills wife suspecting adultery

The man allegedly shot four bullets at his wife as he suspected her to be having extra-marital affair

New Delhi, December 13, 2017
Police arrested him at a nearby hideout on Tuesday

A man was arrested for allegedly killing his wife over suspected affair in south Delhi, police said on Tuesday. They said accused Balram works at a pump house and allegedly shot his wife Veena as he suspected her to be having an extramarital affair.

He was arrested on Tuesday at a house in Kotla Mubarakpur where he was hiding. He failed to explain why he killed his wife. The incident occurred on Monday night but was reported to police on Tuesday morning after Krishna, the deceased’s daughter, informed police that her father killed her mother in Sector 7 at RK Puram.

“It was found during investigation that Veena sustained four gunshot injuries. A police…

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The ongoing racist and sexist legacy of PRWORA, ‘Moynihan’ and, for example, The Ford Foundation [published Dec 14, 2017].

Let's Get Honest! Blog: Absolutely Uncommon Analysis of Family & Conciliation Courts' Operations, Practices, & History

What would you call this post?  After reading, if you have a better title, comment and tell me.  Until then, in full, it’s:

But as posted in condensed form, I took out the ‘commentary’ part of the title, which may save some blog’s sidebar vertical acreage under on “Most Recent Posts,” making for a subtitle:

….”(Divide and Conquer Tactics, Keeping (most) Women In Their (subdominant) Assigned Places while Placating, if possible,

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‪Fake #498a #DV queens ! Karma WILL catch up !! There are NO ifs and buts. Don’t demonize innocent Men! Don’t jail innocent mothers and sisters !


Fake #498a #DV queens ! Karma WILL catch up !! There are NO ifs and buts. Don’t demonize innocent Men! Don’t jail innocent mothers and sisters ! Don’t file fake case after fake case piling lies after lies ! You will rot 100 times more … just wait and watch

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Friday Finds: An Excerpt from ‘Al Hallaj’

Arabic Literature (in English)

Egyptian poet and playwright Salah Abdel Sabour (1931 -1981) published his first collection of poems in 1957, followed by a number of plays in verse. His first was The Tragedy of al-Hallaj (1965), for which he won the 1966 Egyptian State Incentive Award for Theatre:

In his youth, Abdel Sabour was known a poetic innovator, part of the “free verse” movement that marked a seismic shift in literary Arabic poetry. Like a number of other poets of his age, the work of T.S. Eliot left a deep mark on his writing. He was also interested in the people of the countryside — he was himself from Zagazig — as well as the poor and marginal.

Abdel Sabour wrote five plays, which were recently brought out in a new Arabic edition. Abdel Sabour continues to be quoted and celebrated, and was the “person of the year” at this year’s…

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