New Video Bullies Parents Into Complying With Child Protection Professionals

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A new video produced by charity Just For Kids Law, under the pretext that it is trying to support parents going through child protection proceedings is thinly veiled propaganda which includes dangerous child protection advice.

The video, which is just under three minutes long, follows a young girl who was once in care and who now finds herself going through child protection proceedings after becoming pregnant. Whilst the animation is really nothing more than an advertisement for the charity’s legal services, it is the way in which it treats young parents that is so offensive – and so wide of the mark that it amounts to bullying.

Entitled, “If I Could Talk To Me”, the story approaches child protection proceedings as if the mother whose case we’re watching has gone back in time to advise her younger self to do things differently. Right from the start, the assumption that’s being…

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Mandatory Reporting Of Child Abuse Becomes Law In Ireland

Researching Reform

While England is still twiddling its thumbs over whether or not to make reporting concerns about child abuse a legal duty, Ireland has gone ahead and done it. 

The new law means that professionals in Ireland who work with children, including teachers, doctors, nurses and police will be required to report any suspicions of child abuse they have to the Child and Family Agency.

Whilst Ireland’s social workers are panicking about a potential reporting floodgate being opened, which they fear might overwhelm the system, the current research on mandatory reporting offers reassurance. To date, there has been little to no evidence of a mandatory duty to report significantly weighing down child protection systems.

Children’s charity Barnardo’s welcomed the move, and Ireland’s Republican Party Fianna Fáil went one step further, calling for the extension of mandatory reporting to cover suspicions of abuse relating to adults with disabilities.

Ministers, what are you waiting…

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Biting the hand that fed her: Victoria’s Secret model slams “unfair” pressures put on women

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adriana lima instagram

This Brazilian model has been a Victoria’s Secret Angel since 1999, almost 20 years. She’s now complaining about the fashion industry being unfair to women?

What took her so long to voice her opinion about the “empty cause?” Guess she was too busy modeling and amassing a $75 million fortune to become a SJW.

FYI: Lima is anti-Trump. She participated in a video campaign aimed at countering Trump’s “Muslim ban.”

From Daily Mail: Lingerie model Adriana Lima has announced that she’s ready to stop showing off her body ‘for empty causes’.

In a lengthy message posted to Instagram on Saturday, the 36-year-old Victoria’s Secret Angel called for change, explaining that she’s had enough of the pressure on women to ‘look a certain way’ from society, social media and fashion.

Alongside her long note, the Brazilian-born star hinted that she may be quitting the lingerie brand as she wrote…

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States with the highest divorce rates

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We’ve all seen the alarming figure that nearly 50% of all marriages ended in divorce.

That was in 1980. The good news is that since 1980, the number of divorce has been declining.To illustrate, the U.S. divorce rate in 2000 was 4.0 per 1,000 population; by 2015, the rate had declined to 3.1 per 1,000 population.

But the numbers vary from place to place — some states have divorce rates over four times higher than other regions in America.

On December 9, 2017, MSN published an article by Stacker‘s Alexandra Fletcher on states with the highest divorce rates.

What I found curious and quite incredible is that California is not one of the states with the highest divorce rates. So I went to the source, the Center For Disease Control’s (CDC) National Center of Health Statistics (NCHS), which gathers data from each state on the number…

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(MARYLAND HEIGHTS, Mo.) Arnold police Officer Ryan O’Connor, who was shot in the line of duty Tuesday but police warn of phone scam claiming to raise money for officer shot on duty but family have set up a way to send read details on this post #AceNewsDesk reports

Ace News Services

#AceNewsReport – Dec.11: They called with claims of good cause: a fund benefiting injured: But local police departments are warning that the callers identifying themselves as Fundraisers for First Responders have not been approved to collect funds on O’Connor’s behalf #AceNewsDesk reports

By Erin Heffernan St. Louis Post-Dispatch reportspolice warn of phone scam claiming to raise money for officer shot on dutyaccording to The Maryland Heights Police Department who said it was alerted to the fake fundraising Saturday morning, according to a social media post by the department……The callers were claiming they were “former first responders helping an injured officer,” according to the department……..Maryland Heights police clarified that no police department would call to solicit money. If you get a similar call, hang up, police advised………Arnold police said Thursday that O’Connor’s family has approved three ways to send donations: a GoFundMe page, in person…

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Unexpected Conversions to Orthodox Christianity

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Russian Priest Explains Why Westerners Are Converting To Orthodox Christianity

To most of us, this is unexpected news from a foreign culture

I admit to being so Americanized that Orthodoxy seemed very strange. But one day when driving out of Boston, I noted muralists working on St. Andrew Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Jamaica Plain. Being a muralist myself I was hoping to talk to the artists, which I did (a married couple from Argentina) and received some very useful advice.

But as interesting was my introduction to an Orthodox priest there. He was as culturally American as me, and reminded me of one of the trusted Catholic and Evangelical pastors I knew. We discussed a number of topics that were important to me. At that point, Orthodoxy stopped seeming like something “other” than Christianity, and became for me a part of the large Christian family.

In this brief video we…

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11 December 2017: Supposed ”Pipe Bomb” in New York


The only one hurt was the ”terrorist” himself?  No wait now 3 people were hurt but the ”terrorist” is OK.  Give us a break.

GW: Once again the supposed ”terrorist” picture very weird – NO BLOOD anywhere -and note the date on which this ”event” supposedly took place.  If the ”pipe bomb” was actually on him then how come so much of him is left?  If he set it off and it was ”low tech” then how come he’s just got burns on his stomach?  Call in some new script kiddies – this same old story is getting very stale.

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