Having suffered the nightmare of family law for 6 years and the only progress in the law since Sir Bob Geldof’s excellent programme ‘Geldof on Father’s was Justice Secertary Jack Straw’s whoop and grunt attempt at opening the courts to public scrutiney, sadly this fell like a damp squib as the very judges that need to bescrutinised did not like it!! lets hope the current storyline in Coronation Street highlights the plight of fathersa and how their role has been down graded over the years!


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  1. It’s time to stop feeding kindergarten children myths such as “Everybody has feelings”.
    Ignorance is not bliss when you grow up and mistakenly vote for a governing body full of self-serving sociopaths.

    Let’s Stop Voting for Psychopaths! But, How?? EDUCATION: TED-Ed Lesson “What is a psychopath?” https://www.facebook.com/GeneticPsycho/posts/785259954859048

    (Public Service Announcement. Please share global psychopathy awareness)

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  2. please help us my daughters son is being forced into adoption I can’t have him it looks like as I have been adviced I am overweight ex agrophobic and arthritis in my knees! We are desperate

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  3. All we can do is continue with the fight of doing right. Sometimes, it may seem confusing. However, that small voice inside usually draws you to what is right. Most of the time, we over analyze and, perhaps, are too much inside the head. That small voice usually comes from the heart. It is all right to be small. Words mean nothing. It has and always is about the action. Keep it up.

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