Jealous friends are worse than enemies

Parental Alienation

  1. They always talk down your achievements and aspirations You’re never quite good enough, you always could have done better and they tell you to be “realistic”.
  2. They’re constantly competing with you ‘If you get a nice car, they’ll get a nicer one’ (Picture: Dave Anderson for If you get a car, then they will. If you get a nice car, they’ll get a nicer one. They’ll even go as far as comparing salaries with you. I knew someone who, for every success one of our friends had, would have a clapback for a similar piece of success that’s better than theirs. We’re friends, not competition.

3. They don’t support you and instead try to divert the attention away from you Whether it’s a shoulder to cry on, company for an event you’ve asked them to come to or genuine advice, they just can’t provide it. Instead, they’re always vying…

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 They’re not as nice as they used to be

Parental Alienation

Has your once so-sweet friend turned a bit sour? Kayla*, a senior at Carthage College, recalls a time when her friend wasn’t so nice. “My friend and I used to run cross country together, and when I started running faster and performing better than her, something in our friendship changed,” Kayla explains. “She started to become really angry and mean toward me all the time, no matter what I did. She would talk down to me and make me feel terrible about myself any chance she had, especially while at practice.”

If your friend isn’t acting quite as nice to you as they usually do, jealousy could be the reason behind it. Whether it be out-performing them or having something that they want, their negative feelings toward you could be their way of coping with their jealousy of your success.

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Should California Really Be 3 States? Voters Will Decide In November

SPMG Media

A dramatic proposal to split California into three separate states has gathered enough signatures to appear on the ballot during the upcoming midterm elections in November.

Tim Draper, the main proponent of the initiative and its prime bankroller, gathered at least 402,000 signatures to divide California into three parts: a state called Northern California sprawling from Oregon down to San Francisco, another called California that’d primarily include Los Angeles and a band of land up the coast, and another dubbed Southern California that’d include Fresno, Bakersfield and San Diego.

The plan would create three differently sized regions, but all would have roughly the same population. And while California currently has two U.S. senators, the new bloc of three Californias would have six under the new proposal.

“Three states will get us better infrastructure, better education and lower taxes,” Draper told The Los Angeles Times last summer after his proposal for…

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10 Telltale Signs Your Friend is Stabbing You in the Back.

Parental Alienation

1. They give you a compliment and you feel like you have been slapped.

2. They are only happy with you if you let them win at everything

3. They flirt with your husband or boyfriend.

4. Their every day talk is peppered with put downs.

5. They are jealous of your other friends.

A person with this personality tries to control all of your communication for their own perceived benefit. If they feel that you are getting too attached to someone else, they see it as a threat and work directly or covertly to destroy your relationships.

Harmful lies are invented and spread without any thought of the havoc they wreak.

6. They make you feel ugly, stupid and unlovable.

Every utterance from a person like this is designed to make you feel inferior so that you can be used. If you’ve ever heard of the term, “energy vampires,”

7. They…

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If an advocate says he’ll quash 498a FIR on Husband, tell him you’ll PAY 90% of fee ONLY IF he wins the Quash 😂😂


If any advocate asks you 2 file quashing a 498a FIR against Husband, tell him you will PAY 90% of fee ONLY IF he wins the Quash. He will get a 10% advance to file and fight, but 90% of the fees is ONLY IF he wins the quash of 498a case against HUSBAND. Then look at his face and reaction 😃😃😃

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The demasculinization of men rolls on: Male models wear pregnant bellies on the runway

Fellowship of the Minds

male model pregnant getty image Celebrating the impossible: Male pregnancy/Getty Image

I won’t celebrate fakery.

From Yahoo: It’s men’s fashion week over in London right now, so there are lots of runway images hitting the wire, but the ones from designer Xander Zhou‘s show on Monday really have people talking. That’s because he had many of his male models walk the catwalk with fake pregnant bellies.

Some wore tight T-shirts lifted up so the prosthetic stomach was in full view, and others clutched their covered gut region with nurturing arms, which, as Fashionista pointed out, helped distinguish their fake preggo stomachs from, like, beer bellies. At least one model wore a shirt that said, “New World Baby.”

As far as the meaning behind the prosthetics, the brand had this to say post-show on Instagram: “At Supernatural, Extraterrestrial & Co., we’re prepared to welcome a future of male pregnancy.

See all the…

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Incoming Family Court President Misunderstands Nuances In Care Crisis

Researching Reform

The next President of the Family Division, Justice McFarlane, has delivered a speech in response to the publication of the Care Crisis Review, in which he makes a series of blunders about the care system and the processes currently in use.

Whilst he rightly points out that the care system is in a state of crisis – CAFCASS figures for May 2018, record the second highest monthly figure for care applications ever received – McFarlane clearly fails to understand the complex nuances faced by children, families and practitioners inside the sector.

In his speech, which was written to coincide with the Review’s launch, he says, “thank heaven for…. the 26 weeks and the reform package that Sir James Munby so effectively introduced 5 years ago”. The result was that, when the rise in numbers began to kick in, the judges and the courts were “match-fit” to process and determine the applications…

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