New Guidelines Urge Courts To Jail Sex Offenders and Domestic Abusers Who Breach Orders

Researching Reform

The Sentencing Council has this morning, published a new set of guidelines advising courts to jail offenders breaching court orders, including sexual harm prevention orders and non molestation orders. The guidelines will come into effect 1st October, 2018.

The guidance comes after an investigation by The Sentencing Council found that courts were routinely imposing penalties far below the recommended maximum allowed by law.

A consultation launched by The Sentencing Council confirmed that virtually no data was currently available on the types of orders breached, and  information about those breaches was also no collected or stored.  The consultation also reveals a further, deeply concerning issue: entrenched cultural views inside the criminal justice system around sex abuse and how the crime is perceived by professionals inside the court system. Whilst the Sentencing Council is clearly advocating for jail time where sex offenders breach an order, the majority of respondents in the consultation…

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