Department For Education Blocks Mandatory Reporting Of Abuse – And Survivors From Suing Councils

legal duty to report child abuse

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In a predictable move, government ministers have shut down the idea of implementing legislation that would make it compulsory for child welfare professionals to report suspected child abuse, after reviewing a consultation on the issue.

The consultation was published today, though unusually, no formal announcement was made.

The Department For Education, which currently oversees all child protection matters, says in its summary that the government, “has considered the issues objectively and from the point of view of what would likely be best for children – informed by, but not bound by the result of the consultation.” 

An article in Care Appointments (linked to above), tells us that the consultation received “over 760 responses from social workers, police officers, local government, children’s charities, educators and health professionals, victim support groups, and other members of the public,” and that “the majority of responses disagreed with the concept of introducing new…

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We Need To Fix Family Law Not Control Guns!

Image result for Lone mass shooters in usaImage result for Lone mass shooters in usaImage result for mass shooters in america

Image result for mass shooters in americaImage result for mass shooters in americaImage result for mass shooters in america

To suggest gun controls will solve the tragedy of mass killings is a little like taking all the cars off the roads to avoid accidents . We need to understand what lead’s an individual to take such action all too often against his peers what common backround do all these murderes share?

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University OKs Guns on Campus… 6 Months Later the Results Are Breathtaking

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Petition Calls For Review Into Professional Bias Against SEN Families


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A petition is calling on the government to prevent child protection professionals from incorrectly removing children from Special Educational Needs families.

The petition was created by a mother using the handle ‘Autistic Parent’, and is addressed to the Department For Education; Minister for the department, Robert Goodwill MP; Jeremy Hunt MP; and Dr Philip Lee.

In its summary, the petition states:

“False accusations of child abuse in the form of emotional harm and MSBP/FII happen across the board in the UK, but seem to be particularly focused on parents of children with special needs.

Situations such as:

  1. Asking a school to provide more support for their child or challenging lack of provision/school failings;
  2. Appealing to SENDIST regarding an EHCP;
  3. Requesting support from social services for your child’s difficulties;
  4. Seeking a health assessment for your child’s difficulties, particularly ASD, chronic fatigue, Ehlers Danlos;
  5. SEN child school-refusing;
  6. Cover-up of medical/diagnostic/administrative negligence…

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Top Social Workers: Adopted Children Must Have Contact With Their Birth Families.


Researching Reform

A new report by the British Association Of Social Workers has concluded that children should have contact  with their biological families before, during and after adoption proceedings. The country’s leading social work body is also calling on the government to overhaul adoption law in line with this recommendation.

Whilst the view isn’t groundbreaking – anyone who has spoken to an adopted child will tell you the harm severing contact does them – it’s an incredibly brave position for BASW to take. The recommendation if implemented, and it must be, is likely to damage the already ailing adoption and fostering sectors, which have seen huge reductions in uptake, both for foster carers and adopters over the last five years. A significant number of prospective carers are likely to be put off  by the idea of ongoing contact with birth families.

The study was led by Professors Brid Featherstone and Anna Gupta…

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(BIRMINGHAM, West Mids, U.K.) A man has died of a gunshot wound in Birmingham, prompting a murder investigation. The 31-year-old man was found critically injured at a property in Parkhouse Drive, Erdington, at 22:00 GMT on Friday #AceNewsDesk reports

Ace News Services

#AceNewsReport – Mar.04: West Midlands Police said he died in hospital at 18:00 on Saturday: A man aged 30 and a 17-year-old male were arrested in Parkhouse Drive in connection with the death and remain in custody: Firearms officers were deployed to the scene on Friday night #AceNewsDesk reports

Parkhouse DriveGoogle

The 31-year-old was found critically injured in Parkhouse Drive, Erdington

Emergency first aid was given by officers before the victim was transferred to hospital, where he was placed on a life support machine but later died:

Two properties in the street have been sealed off to allow police specialists to carry out a search.Two people have been arrested in connection with the man’s death in Birmingham BBC News

Editor says #AceNewsDesk reports & #Brittius says are provided by Sterling Publishing & Media News and all our posts, links can be found at here and thanks for following as…

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(SAN ANTONIA, Texas.) Bexar County Police Report: Latest: Mark Howerton ex-boyfriend of Cayley Mandadi has been charged with rape and murder after that took place at the ‘ Mala Luna Music Festival ‘ over ‘ Halloween Weekend ‘ #AceNewsDesk reports

Ace News Services

#AceNewsReport – Mar.04: A Texas man has been charged with the October murder and sexual assault of a Trinity University cheerleader after turning himself in to local authorities: Mark Howerton, 22, told Bexar County Police on Wednesday that he had consensual but rough sex with Cayley Mandadi, a 19-year-old Trinity sophomore whom he was dating, before her death over Halloween weekend last year, KENS 5 reports #AceNewsDesk reports two had attended the Mala Luna music festival in San Antonio before Howerton brought Mandadi, unresponsive and nude from the waist down, to Luling’s Seton Edgar B. Davis Hospital on Oct. 29: Howerton told authorities he had noticed that Mandadi stopped breathing and attempted to perform CPR before bringing her to the hospital.In Howerton’s arrest report, however, officials note that Mandadi’s injuries — including extensive bruising, blunt force trauma to the head and a brain bleed — were consistent with…

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