February 2018 Newsletter from Weston’s MP

Dear Mr David Farmer ,

You’ll probably remember I’ve been pushing the idea of a merger or partnership between Weston hospital and the Bristol Royal Infirmary (BRI) for a while. A combined hospital should find it easier to plug the staffing gaps which have led to Weston’s A&E being temporarily closed overnight. Ambitious young medics will know that they can enjoy the high quality of life which working in Weston offers, alongside the professional challenges of working in a Bristol teaching hospital.

So I was delighted to see the BRI take a big step towards merging with Weston this month. It’s is a hugely important move, although there’s still a long way to go.

What else? Well it’s been quite a month: I met the star of McMafia at an anti-corruption event (he’s very cool), had a go at Ofgemn for not using its teeth to stick up for energy bill-payers, and kept pushing the campaign to save greenfields by ‘Building Up Not Out’. Want to know more? Then read on………

John Penrose
MP for Weston-super-Mare

This Month’s Most Popular Stories From The Website:
BBC: MP Welcomes “big step” towards solving the A&E’s temporary closure.


The BBC reports on the news that plans have been outlined to merge Weston Hospital Trust, which shut its A&E overnight because of staff shortages, with a neighbouring Bristol Trust.

» Read More
Let’s catch and jail criminals who thought they were safe.

imageJohn calls for less complacency about money laundering and other white-collar crime. He welcomes new powers given to prosecutors by Government and says it’s time to use them to catch and jail criminals who always thought they were safe.

» Read More

If we want homes for all we have to build tall


The Times Journalist, Alice Thomson, gives her views that the solution to the UK’s housing crisis is to copy the Victorians and increase density in areas where people actually want to live – just as John proposed.

» Read More

We need a proper regulator that isn’t afraid to use its teeth

imageIn an article for The Sun, John Penrose MP says that UK customers are paying £7.5 billion too much money to giant network firms because energey regulators aren’t using the powers they have to stand up to them…

» Read More

Something We Think Is Important, But Which Didn’t Get Noticed:
A Property Register will make Britain a world leader in transparency once again

imageJohn discusses the huge benefits that legislation to break the secrecy surrounding foreign owners of British property will have for the UK’s economy…

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Why stop at Brean Down? Weston’s cyclists will be able to go all the way to Burnham!

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Our Favourite Tweet:


Bill BullenWell done to @JohnPenroseNews and co for highlighting the profits of the energy networks. He’s absolutely right. Those profits are “obscene”

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Also, until next month…
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