The actress is finally ready to talk about Harvey Weinstein.

The actress is finally ready to talk about Harvey Weinstein.

via Uma Thurman Finally Opens Up to Maureen Dowd About Teenage Rape, Sexual Assault by Harvey Weinstein, and Nearly Being Killed by Quentin Tarantino — BCNN1 WP


Ullo Mat Gotta A New app Eh? – ”They put me in a Special ‘Ospital – They put me in a Special ‘Ospital”


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‘Hi I’m Matt Hancock’ – culture secretary launches own app
Alexei Sayle-Ullo John Gotta A New Motor-1982

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Gender Fluidity & Non-Binary Bollocks


NPP: ”Is Jordan Peterson a psychological operation TAP? If so, to what end? Just more fodder for our energy and attention? His story has certainly done the rounds.”

GW:  As for Petersen’s lecture on the ”Illuminati” – God certainly didn’t ever indicate that he wore a triangular hat.  That is just man’s interpretation of him in graphical form.  God is Alpha & Omega – the beginning and the end.  Tptwtb are trapped inside their tortuous hierarchical structures and can’t think outside of their triangular boxes!  Pray for them.

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Abe to ask South Korean President Moon Jae-in to support evacuation in case of emergency on Korean Peninsula

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FEB 3, 2018

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will ask South Korean President Moon Jae-in for support in evacuating Japanese citizens if a contingency breaks out on the Korean Peninsula, government sources said.

The decision reflects Japan’s concern that escalating tensions could lead to a military clash between Washington and Pyongyang, possibly after the Winter Games conclude in Pyeongchang, the sources said Friday.

Although tensions have briefly eased in the run-up to the sporting extravaganza, speculation is growing in the Japanese government that North Korea could take action once the United States and South Korea resume joint military drills after the Paralympics conclude on March 18, the sources said.

Abe will pay a two-day visit to South Korea and hold talks with Moon on the sidelines of the opening ceremony in Pyeongchang on Friday. It is unclear how Moon might respond. The two are expected to meet for…

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Theresa May told: Don’t let Philip Hammond ruin Brexit — “Treasury is ­trying to undermine both her and ­government policy.”

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The Telegraph

Philip Hammond and Theresa MayChancellor Philip Hammond has been accused of undermining Theresa May in Brexit negotiations

By Edward Malnick

Theresa May must invoke the ­example of Margaret Thatcher to defy Philip Hammond in order to seek a “clean Brexit” and end the current “uncertainty”, a senior Tory has warned.

Writing for The Telegraph ahead of two crunch meetings of Mrs May’s Brexit war cabinet this week, Bernard Jenkin cites Mrs Thatcher’s dispute with Sir Geoffrey Howe over Europe and declares that the former prime minister only “won the battle of the rebate” by overruling civil servants and ministers.

He accuses ministers of being “vague” and “divided”, saying that while Mrs May “sticks to one policy”, Mr Hammond “keeps advocating ­another”.

Amid claims of a “middle way” being drawn up for discussion among senior ministers this week, ­Jacob Rees-Mogg, who leads the 60-strong European Research Group of backbenchers, insisted to The…

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Philippines and the South China Sea: ‘Well-intentioned but naive’

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US-based analyst Gregory Poling explains why he views the Duterte administration’s West Philippine Sea policy as

February 04, 2018

MANILA, Philippines – Rappler talks to Gregory Poling, one of the world’s leading experts on the South China Sea or West Philippine Sea, as he makes a two-day trip to the Philippines for a series of talks and meetings.

Poling is the director of the Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative (AMTI) of the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) based in Washington DC. AMTI is the group that regularly publishes satellite images of the South China Sea.

In this Rappler Talk interview, Poling explains why he views the Duterte administration’s policy on the West Philippine Sea as “well-intentioned but naive.”

Watch the full Rappler Talk interview here. –


South China Sea: All Nations With Claims Should Stand Together. — “There are lot of options between surrender…

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