New Zealand: ‘Snatch squad’ took missing girl from school

ABP World Group - Parental Abduction Recovery & Kidnapping Recovery


The family of a young girl at the centre of an international custody battle will not be deported from New Zealand, despite her mother getting visas by falsely telling immigration officials she had custody of her daughter.

For two years, the girl’s father – who hails from Europe and had sole custody in their homeland – had no idea where his daughter was living until a social media campaign to find her went viral online.

Someone recognised the child in New Zealand where the mother had started a new life, so the father asked the Family Court to return the girl to his home country under the international child abduction agreement, the Hague Convention.

The Weekend Herald revealed in October the Family Court – despite accepting the mother unlawfully took the girl and concealed her – refused as she was now settled in New Zealand.

Returning the girl to her…

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Write Now Prompt for February 2, 2018

Today's Author


At Today’s Author, our first goal is to get you (and us) to write. Write Now is our own collection of prompts to help you do that. With Write Now we’re not talking about writing, or trying to teach anyone how to write. Write Now is all about putting pen to paper.

Today’s Prompt:

The shadows were playing games with their minds.


How to play along with our Writing Prompts

  1. Write in any format or style you wish: short story, poem, script – whatever you like.
  2. Write for at least 5 minutes. There is no time limit – write for as long as you wish!
  3. Editing is not required, though we do recommend that you run a spell check at least.
  4. Post your work to your blog and include a link back here so your readers can find other writer’s work, too.
  5. Come back here and provide a link to…

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WHITE HELMETS: Channel 4, BBC, The Guardian – Architects of ‘Humanitarian’ War


Vanessa Beeley
21st Century Wire

”As if on cue, a vast number of documentaries have flooded the media market. The huge majority have conveyed a very one-sided perspective of the conflict in Syria and have, almost invariably, supported the US Coalition regime change narrative, which has prolonged the destabilization project in the region for the last seven years. Are these documentaries any more accurate than the corporate media they might replace?
For example, on April 5, 2017, National Geographic released a preview of its film, Hell on Earth: The Fall Of Syria And The Rise of ISIS, by filmmaker Sebastian Junger and producing partner Nick Quested. This film was prematurely released to coincide with the alleged and controversial Khan Sheikhoun chemical weapon attacks in Syria, on April 4th. However, as Paul Larudee revealed, the film preview was a fraudulent misrepresentation of the war in Syria: …..

“Shifting public…

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Weekly round-up of events

UK Constitutional Law Association

This week’s event announcement is below.


The Foundation for Law, Justice and Society in association with Wolfson College and the Centre for Socio-Legal Studies, University of Oxford invites you to:

A Twenty-First Century Constitution for the UK

Frank Vibert, LSE and former World Bank Advisor, sets out a radical set of proposals for a UK Constitution

Leonard Wolfson Auditorium, Wolfson College, Linton Rd, Oxford OX2 6UD

5.30pm, Tuesday 6 March 2018

In this lecture, Frank Vibert (Senior Visiting Fellow at LSE Department of Government) will set out the case of his forthcoming book, Making a 21st Century Constitution: that constitutions no longer provide the kind of support needed by democracies confronted by the complex social and political conditions of the modern day.

He will apply his principles for twenty-first century constitution-making to the UK, in order to consider how a fully written UK constitution might best be framed. In…

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Shun the satanic ice cream ‘Sweet Jesus’

Fellowship of the Minds

I’ve said this before:

Evil no longer hides in the shadows. It has become emboldened and “in your face”.

There’s a Canadian ice cream brand, Sweet Jesus, that you must shun.

It’s an ice cream from Hell.

With sleek stylish ads, “Sweet Jesus” Ice Cream has enjoyed widespread success in their many shops in Canada and the U.S. But it is blasphemous and utterly satanic, shown by the upside-down cross and the lightning bolt in its logo:

The lightning bolt, at a minimum, is a pagan symbol, signifying Zeus or Jupiter. John Namnik points out that:

The symbol of the lightning bolt is also prevalent in satanism. It most likely originates from the Bible passage where Jesus said: “I saw Satan falling like lightning from heaven”.

Note the skull (a symbol of death) in the “Sweet Jesus” ad below:

The ice cream’s ads feature devilish children, including a vampirish girl…

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FY 2018 AmeriCorps Indian Tribes Grants

Tribal Law Updates

FY 2018 AmeriCorps Indian Tribes Grants – AmeriCorps grants are awarded to eligible organizations proposing to engage AmeriCorps members in evidence-based or evidence-informed interventions to strengthen communities. An AmeriCorps member is an individual who engages in community service through an approved national service position. Members may receive a living allowance and other benefits while serving. Upon successful completion of their service, members earn a Segal AmeriCorps Education Award from the National Service Trust that members can use to pay for higher education expenses or apply to qualified student loans. Current Closing Date for Applications: May 02, 2018.

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