Temporary reprieve: Fog at DMZ


White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, natty in camouflaged fatigues with her trademark pearl necklace, explains to reporters how upset Psycho Don was when a fog bank upended his planned trip to the DMZ.

As Pyscho Donald Trump’s goodwill tour across Asia continues, he has not disappointed.

He kissed Saudi ass, insulted the Japanese by telling them they should make cars here and not ship them over. He is obviously unaware that nearly 4 million Japanese autos were made here last year.

If there were any doubts about The Psycho’s mental stability, this trip will be a test beyond any in modern history.

The Republican Party is keeping its head in the sand and practicing its three-wise-monkey move: hear no stupidity, see no stupidity and acknowledge no stupidity. Unless key Republicans and Psycho’s own staff can figure some way short of Duck Tape or confinement, they should lose the midterm…

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