Britain’s Employment Minister Priti Patel Forced To Resign Over Undisclosed Meetings In Israel

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 NOVEMBER 8, 2017 21:31

After meeting Theresa May, the prime minister’s office released Patel’s resignation letter in which she apologized for causing “a distraction” from the work of government.

British aid minister resigns over undisclosed meetings in Israel

Britain’s Employment Minister Priti Patel. (photo credit:REUTERS/TOBY MELVILLE)

British International Development Secretary Priti Patel resigned on Wednesday night following a political storm over secret meetings she held with Israeli officials, including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, while on vacation in Israel in August.

“I offer a fulsome apology to you and to the government for what happened and offer my resignation,” Patel wrote in a letter she addressed to British Prime Minister Theresa May following a meeting in Downing Street.

“In recent days there have been a number of reports about my actions, and I am sorry that these have served as a distraction from the work of the Department for International Development and the government as a whole,”…

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Temporary reprieve: Fog at DMZ


White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, natty in camouflaged fatigues with her trademark pearl necklace, explains to reporters how upset Psycho Don was when a fog bank upended his planned trip to the DMZ.

As Pyscho Donald Trump’s goodwill tour across Asia continues, he has not disappointed.

He kissed Saudi ass, insulted the Japanese by telling them they should make cars here and not ship them over. He is obviously unaware that nearly 4 million Japanese autos were made here last year.

If there were any doubts about The Psycho’s mental stability, this trip will be a test beyond any in modern history.

The Republican Party is keeping its head in the sand and practicing its three-wise-monkey move: hear no stupidity, see no stupidity and acknowledge no stupidity. Unless key Republicans and Psycho’s own staff can figure some way short of Duck Tape or confinement, they should lose the midterm…

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Thousands of schools close as smog envelopes India, Pakistan

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© AFP | Low winds and the annual post-harvest burning of crop stubble have caused the levels of dangerous pollutants in the air to spike to many times the levels considered safe

NEW DELHI (AFP) – Schools closed across large swathes of north India on Thursday as pollution hit hazardous levels for the third day, with growing calls for urgent government action to tackle what doctors are calling a public health emergency.Punjab’s government said it was closing all 25,000 schools in the state for the rest of the week due to the acrid air blanketing north India and parts of neighbouring Pakistan.

The decision came a day after Delhi authorities said they were closing all 6,000 schools in the capital until Sunday.

Low winds and the annual post-harvest burning of crop stubble in Punjab and neighbouring areas have caused the levels of dangerous pollutants in the air to spike to…

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Delhi’s poor bear the brunt of deadly smog

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© AFP / by Nick Perry | Some streets in the Indian capital have recorded pollution levels 40 times the World Health Organization recommended safe level since Monday, with calm weather and the annual post-harvest burning of crop stubble in Punjab fuelling the crisis

NEW DELHI (AFP) – Rickshaw driver Sanjay can only afford a handkerchief to shield his face from the smog-filled streets of Delhi, even as many residents rush to buy protective masks to combat the toxic menace.

Better off inhabitants of the world’s most polluted capital are swarming sellers of face masks — costing more than the 300 rupees ($5) that Sanjay earns in a day — and high-tech air purifiers that could easily cost his annual wage.

Delhi authorities Wednesday ordered all 6,000 schools to shut until Sunday after choking smog descended on northern India, while people with breathing difficulties have been told to stay indoors.

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AAG: ”The New Profumo Affair”


Anonymous  6 November 2017
Re: ‘New Profumo Affair’

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(TOKYO, Japan.) Latest: Court sentences ‘ Black Widow ‘ the serial killer who poisoned wealthy partners she met on dating sites since 2013 with ‘ Cyanide ‘ to be hung court decided on Tuesday #AceNewsDesk reports

Ace News Services

#AceNewsReport – Nov.09: A Japanese court has sentenced a “Black Widow” who met wealthy partners via dating agencies and poisoned them with cyanide: She kept the poison in a plant pot, and revealed she had killed her husband for spending “millions of yen” on other women #AceNewsDesk reports

RT reported Chisako Kakehi, 70, was sentenced to death for the murder of three men, including her husband, and the attempted murder of another. The men were all in their 70s, Kyoto District Court said on Tuesday, as cited by the local media. The accused made the victims drink a cyanide compound, with a murderous intention in all four cases, Judge Ayako Nakagawa told the court, NHK reported, as cited by AFP.
Members of the media gather in front of an apartment building in Zama, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan, October 31, 2017 © Kyodo / ReutersDismembered bodies, severed heads found in cooler in Tokyo apartment

Kakehi, also known as “the Poison Lady,” killed the men after they made her the beneficiary of…

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