5 Year Old Murdered Because Family Court Ignored Ample Evidence that the Child’s Life was in Danger

7 NOV 2017 — This horrifying murder of a 5 year old could have been avoided had the Family Court not failed this child and had the Judge not ignored his mother’s plea and ample evidence that the father of her child would harm their son.

Tuesday, September 05, 2017
LOS ANGELES (KABC) — The mother of a 5-year-old South Pasadena boy, who was murdered by his father, spoke exclusively with Eyewitness News, revealing details about what she’s going through and her last moments with her son.

Ana Estevez first reported her son, Aramazd Andressian Jr. who she called Piqui, missing in late April. That same day, her estranged husband, Aramazd Andressian Sr., was found passed out in his car at Arroyo Seco Park in South Pasadena.

Andressian Sr. would end up becoming a suspect in her son’s case.

We now know that he killed his son. The confession came after months of agony for Ana, who spoke during her child’s funeral and at Andressian Sr.’s sentencing hearing.

During her interview, it’s clear Ana is still deeply grieving. But she was willing to talk about her horrifying ordeal and the scars it left.

It’s impossible to mask the pain. Part of the heartbreak is knowing that the murderer is her son’s father. When asked what he was like, she said Andressian Sr. was a “good liar.”

“He said all the right things. He did all the right things. When he proposed to me, he proposed to me in a hot air balloon,” she said.

He worked long days for ITT, from the morning hours until midnight for six days a week.

“He asked me to be very understanding of his schedule because he was working really hard and wanted to create a better life for our family,” she said.

But even that, Ana found out, was a lie. A simple phone call to ITT revealed the truth.

“I just wanted to make sure that Ara had made it to work safely, and when I spoke with the campus director he initially – when I said (Ara’s) name, he said ‘who?'” she said.

For more than four years, he pretended to have a job. Ana said she was speechless and did not know what to think of the revelation.

But her anger goes beyond her husband. She also blames the courts and Department of Children and Family Services. During a bitter divorce, she made multiple attempts to show them evidence that Andressian Sr. was a liar and dangerous.

“The week before my son was murdered I told that evaluator I wanted sole custody with supervised visits because I was afraid Ara was going to do something. She completely ignored it, and now my son is dead,” she said.

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Piqui was her only child. After five miscarriages, hormone shots, blood thinners, terrible labor followed by 11 days in the hospital, Ana had her little miracle.

“So when I say he is everything, or he was everything to me – he was,” she said.

Video captured by a camera mounted in Ana’s car captured the last time she and her son hugged. Andressian Sr. can be seen pacing in the background as Piqui hugs his mother, telling her he didn’t want to go.

Now, Ana has her son’s urn in one of his old backpacks.

“When I go places like to the beach, a place where he loved, I take him with me,” she said.

She describes Piqui as a loving, kind little boy with a huge imagination. He was gifted, and she knew that from experience.

“I was a principal for five years. I would take my son with me to work sometimes,” she said. “He would tell everybody, people that he met for the first time, ‘My mom was a principal.’ He was just so proud of me being a principal. But I don’t think I have it in me right now to do that.”

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Family Courts Secretive Criminally Corrupt Oppressive Tyrannical Sociopathic Kid$4Ca$h Inc.

7 NOV 2017 — Parliament of Australia
House of Representatives
Standing Committee on Social Policy and Legal Affairs
Dear Members,

I write to you with deep sincerity and concern, at as to the health and wellbeing of children in these circumstances.
Thursday, July 03, 2014

“Family Court decisions” Oppression and Tyranny

From my 4 year experience with the Australian Family court judiciaries and associated bureaucracies, there is absolutely no rule of law or accountability, only an absolute maniacal sociopathic narcisstic lust for power and money.
I am witness to cronyism, corruption, abuse, misconduct and misbehaviour from Brisbane family court judges oldest and newest, reputably the most corrupt judiciary in Australia.

Corrupt ICL lawyers, family report writers, pseudo experts and practitioners, this is a dysfunctional criminally corrupt secret industry kept a corrupt secret with 121 FLA, ICL Child Lawyer and consultant’s purger to obstruct pervert and defeat justice.

In secret courts with NO juries, Our Children, our families, our culture, our future under attack from within, organised crime, graft, profiting from crime and judicial corruption ambush psychological war against Australian Children and Families, with destructive and lethal consequences’.

If men are to be precluded from offering their sentiments on a matter which may involve the most serious and alarming consequences that can invite the consideration of mankind,
reason is of no use to us; the freedom of speech may be taken away, and dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.
George Washington (22 February1732 – 14 December1799)

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It is an antisocial psyche war on children and families aimed at defeating justice for power and profit, thousands of Australian families are victimised, trapped every year.

Until there is true public accountability of judiciaries, bureaucracies and associate you are ‘pissing against the wind’


Stop graft, exploitation and abuse in the child trafficking industry.

1. Repeal rescind revoke and annul 121. Family Law Act (FLA) their iron curtain secret gag law stopping communication with the Australian public, covering corruption exploitation and abuse.

2. Open the court objective truth, juries on appeals, not subjective bigoted parasitic judiciaries.

3. Abolish legal aid. Stop funding corrupt illicit sex discrimination. Legal Aid should be nothing more than a self help webpage, not slush funds for politically violent corrupt law firms.

4. Hold public employees to account, to the public, by the public, for the public.


Fathers Australia formally Fathers Union of Australia.

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‘More Troubling Than Savile’ – Care Home That Let Staff Drug And Rape Its Children.


Researching Reform

A professor and NHS Trust Chair who oversaw the Jimmy Savile inquiry has told the media that an investigation into a care home in Gravesend was “the most troubling thing she has ever worked on.”

Dr Sue Proctor was brought in to review child abuse allegations of former care home residents at Kendall House. The care home was run by the Church of England.

Now, a former member of staff has come forward.

His testimony not only vindicates the women who as young girls were routinely raped, and drugged with powerful chemicals in quantities only safe for large animals like horses, but confirms the extent of the horror.

On his first day, the staff member, who has asked to go by the name Mr Simpson, was told by a coworker, “I would ask to leave here. What goes on here isn’t right.” He also describes a female manager who ran the…

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Question It!

Researching Reform

Welcome to another week.

As the nation’s Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse starts to roll out its £1 million pound advertising campaign, the decision is being met with mixed feelings.

Whilst the hope is that the campaign will help to engage more survivors, a sense of dissatisfaction is growing amongst those who have been abused. One complaint aired by victims’ groups is that they have been excluded for the most part from proceedings,  with survivors’ voices rarely heard during evidence sessions. They argue that there is no point in attracting more engagement if those who speak out are ignored.

Writer and broadcaster Beatrix Campbell OBE, whose book about child sexual abuse in Cleveland is considered to be an important work on the scandal, feels that our Inquiry is lacking the same level of engagement and open dialogue which has made Australia’s own inquiry so successful. Researching Reform agrees with…

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