The Ghosts of All Possible Pasts

Karen Woodall

“All happy families resemble one another, each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way”  Anna Karenina – Tolstoi

This weekend I am spending my last couple of days in the USA in New York, staying just around the corner from ground zero, where the names of people who died in the attacks of the twin towers, are illuminated at night.  Yesterday, when I encountered what is a beautiful and deeply moving memorial to those lives, I was silenced by the reality of what was taken from so many families that day.  And what has been taken from so many since.  And in coming close to the reality of what that attack must have done to the soul and psychology of a City, I was taken back to the ways in which our lives are lived not just on the physical, but the emotional, the psychological, the spiritual and the…

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*BREAKING* DEVIL WORSHIPPING PAEDO claim as court told 4 yr old was with notorious Ayrshire NONCE


5th Nov 2017


convicted paedophile sat outside his home while a naked and vulnerable four-year-old girl ran around him, a court was told.

William Cunningham – one of Scotland’s most dangerous sex offenders – was also practising Devil worship in the garden, neighbours claimed.

Cunningham – who has 35 prior convictions including sex offences, child cruelty and attempted murder – was accused of breaching strict conditions banning him from contact with young people.

However, the charge against him was found not proven by a jury at Kilmarnock Sheriff Court last week.

One witness, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, told the court the young girl was a “wee chatterbox” who would speak to anyone.

Charge was found not proven at Kilmarnock Sheriff Court on Friday

The man said he discovered Cunningham, 50 – known as Billy Bandana – was living locally and he saw him outside his home…

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Bruce and Caitlyn Jenner bathroom doors at Texas restaurant cause controversy

Fellowship of the Minds

bruce jenner bathroom doors

Proggies always have their panties in a wad about something…

From Yahoo: When Caitlyn Jenner publicly transitioned in 2015, she helped push transgender rights into the national consciousness. Now a restaurant in Allen, Texas, is using her experience as a gag — and many people aren’t laughing.

Dodie’s Place Cajun Bar & Grill shared photos of its weekly specials and new bathroom doors in a Facebook post in mid-August, and now it’s going viral. Jenner’s famous July 2015 Vanity Fair cover, which marks the first time she publicly revealed herself as Caitlyn, is splashed across the door of the women’s bathroom. The men’s bathroom door, meanwhile, is covered in a photo of Bruce Jenner at the 1976 Olympics. “Come meet our newest members of the Dodie’s crew, Caitlyn & Bruce! Stop in for our weekly specials, served all day!” the Facebook caption reads.

Reaction was mixed. About half of…

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Vietnamese college students dread bus trips due to pickpocketing


Pickpockets are most active when buses are fully packed, with passengers standing by a hair’s breadth next to one another

By Tuoi Tre News

November 5, 2017, 14:26 GMT+7

Vietnamese college students dread bus trips due to pickpocketing
Pickpockets are most active when passengers board buses. Photo: Tuoi Tre

The public bus is a popular means of transport among Vietnamese students for reasons of health, safety and cost-effectiveness. However, many have expressed concerns over growing pickpocketing.

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We Nailed It! Family Judge Candidate Ambushed with Write-in Campaign

Welcome to Leon Koziol.Com

IMG_1110.JPGLet’s Make History: Vote a Write-in

That was the headline for my latest full page color ad in the (Utica, New York) Observer Dispatch, Sunday, November 5, 2017. I have asked voters to by-pass the two candidates for family judge due to their failure to address the real issues during their six month campaign.

But that’s not the nailer. In the same edition, a full page color ad featured Julie Giruzzi-Mosca, family judge candidate, posing under a theme of supporting children. Nevermind the parents or their rights, fit moms and dads forced to fight for custody in order to enrich lawyers like Julie and her opponent. The state now owns our children.

As expected, Julie took a page right out of Adolph Hitler’s Mein Kampf where he advised that you can get the people to “happily” give up their rights if you simply declare that you are doing something for…

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Young Vietnamese students: Facebook, bubble tea, and no physical exercise


In fact, most Vietnamese college students have a tight weekly schedule at school, so the need for a good rest prevails

By Tuoi Tre News

November 5, 2017, 14:45 GMT+7

Young Vietnamese students: Facebook, bubble tea, and no physical exercise
Vovinam is a popular sport in Vietnam. Photo: Vovinam Club, Ho Chi Minh City University of Law

A large proportion of young people in Vietnam are living a sedentary lifestyle as they spend more time surfing the internet, playing online games, working on computers, or simply just sitting down doing nothing.

After class, Nguyen Hoang Ha, an undergrad at Bach Khoa University in Ho Chi Minh City, would simply go back home for dinner, lesson revision, movies, and sleep.

He does not do sports even in his spare hours.

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The Video You Should Copy & Share b4 YouTube Censors It Again!!


Published on 4 Nov 2017

A Collectivist is one who takes on the mantle of speaking for others who don’t necessarily want them to. Victimhood training from social engineers.

Myra Emily-Neheng (edited)
Haha those statements to take those steps were whack. To be honest i don’t necessarily think he made it about race. Look, I’m black, i live in Africa. My parents are architects and i grew up in a fairly middle/upperclass way. I went to private school and got my degree in Australia. Some of it was my own hard work, some of it was the privilege of being born into my family. I’ve had to acknowledge that some of the opportunities that were afforded to me in life were on the basis of my privilege yes. But that doesn’t mean i have to be ashamed of it as some people with less have tried to make me…

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