(CHICAGO) Blogger from Singapore has been released from detention by ICE and given asylum over fears of repr isals in his own country over racists posts against Muslims & Christians: He said after release I will conti nue criticizing the Singapore government, but I think maybe I broaden my work to U.S. politics too, since I ’m here #AceNewsDesk reports

Ace News Services

#AceNewsReport – Sept.27: A teenage blogger from Singapore was released from U.S. custody on Tuesday following an immigration appeals court’s decision to uphold his bid for asylum

Amos Yee, whose online posts mocking and criticizing the Singapore government twice landed him in jail there, left his homeland in December with the intention of seeking U.S. asylum……But federal immigration agents detained the 18-year-old at O’Hare International Airport and he had been behind bars since……..Carrying a clear plastic bag stuffed with his belongings, Yee emerged Tuesday afternoon from a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement facility in downtown Chicago.“I’m kind of stunned right now,” he said. “It’s very surreal.”
Hours earlier his attorneys received notification of a Board of Immigration Appeals decision upholding a Chicago immigration judge’s March ruling that Yee had a “well-founded fear” of being persecuted upon return to Singapore………..The board determined the Chicago judge correctly relied…

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Construction begins on 8 prototypes of US-Mexico border wall!

Fellowship of the Minds

President Trump is delivering on another of his campaign promises.

Fox5 San Diegoreports that yesterday, Sept. 26, 2017, construction of eight border wall prototypes has begun just east of the Otay Mesa border crossing.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Acting Deputy Commissioner Ronald Vitiello said:

“We are committed to securing our border and that includes constructing border walls. Our multi-pronged strategy to ensure the safety and security of the American people includes barriers, infrastructure, technology and people. Moving forward with the prototypes enables us to continue to incorporate all the tools necessary to secure our border.”

The purpose of the wall prototypes is to help Customs and Border Protection (CBP) in determining a “design standard” for the actual border walls by tailoring “a specific wall design to the unique demands of individual areas of the border.”

This is how CBP officials describe the wall prototypes:

  • All 8 prototypes…

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The state of mental health in the UK

Parental Alienation

Mental health problems constitute the largest single source of world economic burden, with an estimated global cost of £1.6 trillion, greater than cardiovascular disease, chronic respiratory disease, cancer, and diabetes combined (Mental Health Foundation, 2015). In the UK alone the estimated costs of mental health problems are over £100 billion each year and the growing reliance on medication is contributing to this burden on our health system – over 60m prescriptions for antidepressants were issued in England in 2015.

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Book review: Community Energy, by Gordon Cowtan

Make Wealth History

Community Energy: A guide to community based renewable energy projects is the latest large square volume from Transition Books, after similar books on food, homes, money and politics. There are fewer photos here, and it’s less focused on Transition Town initiatives exactly, but it shares the positive, inspiring and can-do tone of the rest of the series.

A primer on community energy like this feels overdue really, as it’s an exciting field. Local energy has only become possible with renewables, which can be installed at small scale, so it’s still relatively new – about ten years old. As wind and solar get cheaper the technology opens up all sorts of new opportunities for people to take ownership of their energy supply, and have a stake in their own services. It erodes the power of big energy companies, democratising energy. It’s low carbon, it’s empowering in more…

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Violent and aggressive behaviours in people with mental health problems

Parental Alienation

This quality standard covers short-term prevention and management of violent and physically threatening behaviour among adults, children and young people with a mental health problem. It applies to settings where mental health, health and social care services are provided. This includes community settings and care received at home. It describes high-quality care in priority areas for improvement.

It does not specifically cover violence and aggression among people with a primary diagnosis of learning disability because this group has been covered in the quality standard on learning disabilities: challenging behaviour.

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