Erwin Beelitz, a forgotten conflict death from 1972

A German killed by Germans in Germany probably sounds like the most unlikely fatality of the recent conflict in Ireland. Yet, in 1972, sixty-six year old Erwin Beelitz was killed by a bomb planted in ‘solidarity with the IRA’. His name doesn’t typically feature in any lists of those who died during this period, but […]

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Summertime in Ontario — Home Thoughts From Abroad

Going home to Canada from the Cayman Islands is a whole lot easier that going home from Malaysia. By a factor of about 20. You can fly from here direct to Toronto on either West Jet or Air Canada in just under four hours. Given the increasingly belligerent rhetoric coming out of Washington regarding us […]

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‘Men’s hygiene is VILE!’: Furious backlash over Channel 4’s gender neutral toilets


VivienneC – > One Knight… In Bangkok
I have never seen sanitary products lying around in toilets. There are bins for them, but you have raised another difference. Women have machines in toilets where they can purchase these items. Many women view this as a private matter. All the PC people in the world cannot change that men and women are genetically different.

The far-left are obsessed with sex and gender, all civilised values are being destroyed by a cancer emanating from the Universities.Show 2 more

Would anyone let their daughter use a gender neutral toilet in Rochdale or Oxford ?

I think that any company or council who adopt these views and put “anyone” toilets in their facilities and then have a child molested/raped leave themselves open to a private prosecution for failing to take the safety of children into consideration. It is a…

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A Criminal Investigation is the Real Reason Theresa May Called the General Election


24 April 2017

”The problems come because the Conservatives failed to properly declare the spending on their 2015 Battlebus. Trained activists were bussed into marginal seats and, using sophisticated software, they were able to pinpoint the small number of voters who would decide the election.”

A Criminal Investigation is the Real Reason Theresa May Called the General Election

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Herbs To Have In Your Medicine Cabinet This Fall — Good Witches Homestead

It’s the time of year, where more often than not we are turning to our medicine cupboard to support our bodies and our families. An abundance of tea herbs, honey, and lemon, fresh herbs like ginger, turmeric, cayenne, and garlic are all great to have on hand throughout the winter. A few herbal tinctures also […]

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