Google Using Warning Labels & AI To Fight ”Extremists”


CNN & Google now say the Alternative Media are Extremists & equivalent to ISIS

”In the summer of 2017 Google/Youtube announced that they would be fighting to protect the pedophiles, mass-murderers, thieves, war-mongers, real terrorists & poisoners of this planet by censoring the free speech that exposes them all. And they did just that, arbitrarily killing Youtube channels that allow the sheep in this world a glimpse outside the matrix in which they live. Their unconstitutional actions are responsible for this Steemit channel, and my Vimeo, and BitChute channels and the posting of my work to Light On Conspiracies. In other words: When will the criminal elitist cabal start minding the virtual raping of their egos every time we expose them? When will they learn that truth is self-evident and cannot be disproven? When will they realize that their vocalization to censor free speech is a chink in the…

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