Catalan leader vows to see through independence bid — Referendum Spain called “illegal and anti-democratic.”

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© AFP | Opinion polls show that Catalans are evenly divided on independence, but most want a referendum to settle the matter

MADRID (AFP) – The president of Spain’s Catalonia region on Saturday vowed to press ahead with an independence referendum, that Madrid insists would be illegal, calling for mass demonstrations next week in support of a split.”We have the full force of the state against us,” Carles Puigdemont told a meeting of party officials in Barcelona.

“Faced with judicial proceedings and threats… the regional government is more determined than ever” to hold the plebiscite as planned on October 1, he said.

After sparking Spain’s deepest political crisis in 40 years this week by voting to push ahead with the referendum, Catalonia’s separatist-controlled regional parliament upped the ante by passing a bill early Friday outlining a transition to a possible independent republic.

Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy shot back at…

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People’s March for EU: Tens of thousands of anti-Brexit activists march to Parliament in rally to keep UK in union — Organisers say its time “speak up louder than before”.

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The Evening Standard


Tens of thousands of anti-Brexit activists marched to Parliament Square in protest at the UK’s exit from the EU.

Saturday’s People’s March for EU is one of a mass wave of protests across the UK and Europe dubbed “the autumn of discontent” and comes just days before MPs are set to vote on the EU Withdrawal Bill in the Commons.

Organisers estimated around 50,000 marchers took part in the rally, many of whom carried banners which read “I love EU” and wearing t-shirts with the slogan: “Remoaner ’till I die”.

Liberal Democrat leader Sir Vince Cable was pictured arriving at Hyde Park Corner at just before 11am, shortly before the crowds set off through the streets of central London.  Campaigner Sir Bob Geldof was also due to speak to fired-up crowds.

papier mache Queen, after the monarch wore a yellow and blue…

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(VANCOUVER) British Columbia. City in its infancy in the late spring of 1886, a tough place full of people looking for a better life in the damp Pacific Northwest were merely a few dozen buildings there, most of which were cabins and homes to the early settlers of the area #AceHistoryNews – @AceHistoryNews

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#AceNewsReport – Sept.09: Land was being cleared to make room for the Canadian Pacific Railroad site, and the brush and stumps from this work had been piled up to burn in order to get rid of the debris #AceHistoryDesk reports needs three things to burn, fuel, heat, and oxygen, so as the wind picked up that day (a consistent theme in nearly every conflagration), the fire exploded in the dry grass and pushed towards the new city of Vancouver.………There the sparks became rooted in the roofs and siding of the homes, more embers were blown into other buildings as they ignited into fully involved fires, and the fire spread rapidly……….Some of the city’s residents fled, others tried to save the local whisky supply first by rolling barrels full of distilled spirits so they could float in the water………A nefarious ships captain refused to let people aboard so…

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Canadian Cinephile

In a world of restraint, Terence Fisher’s THE CURSE OF FRANKENSTEIN is a lightning bolt. This 1957 picture from Hammer Film Productions is often cited as a harbinger of a sort of newly exotic and erotic horror, a kind of sin from across the proverbial pond. It is, of course, a take on Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley’s 1818 chiller FRANKENSTEIN; OR, THE MODERN PROMETHEUS. It is rich and involving for all its blood and tissue, perhaps more akin to what the young author intended when she dilated upon so “very hideous an idea” in the first place.

The frame is established with Peter Cushing as Baron Victor Frankenstein. He’s in prison and he seeks a priest with which to divest himself. He tells the priest of his life and curiosity, like how he hired Paul Krempe (Robert Urquhart) to tutor him after the death of his mother. Victor and Paul grew…

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There Was A Pro EUSSR Rally Today Was There? Yawn Whatever.


Geldof, Izzard, Cable, Blair, O’Leary, Branson, Cucumberpatch, Allen, Faith, Soubry – her new “squeeze”- Chuckup Umunna, the usual anti-democratic Remoaners, who think that they rule the UK and to hell with the majority.

50,000 DEMAND to stay in EU. Demand is a typical EU word but I think you will find that 17.4million trump’s 50,000 by quite some distance. Anyway they can stay in the EU if they want by simply decamping to their ideal undemocratic Utopia which lies just across the Channel. Don’t forget to deposit UK passports at departure point on leaving just to make sure the lot of you cannot come back!

happybrian – > lefttobritainagain
EU wasting money again with the rent a crowd.

Doesn’t hurt to let them demonstrate. They need the exercise and it allows them to feel that they’re doing something. Apart from those simple things this is…

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Snippets of History: #OnThisDay in 1913 Russian pilot & aerobatics pioneer Pyotr #Nesterov performed first ‘loop’ in aviation history #OTD #AceHistoryNews – @AceHistoryNews

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#AceHistoryNews – Sept.09: #OTD in 1913 Russian pilot & aerobatics pioneer Pyotr #Nesterov performed first ‘loop’ in aviation history #AceHistoryDesk reports Russia in RSA 🇷🇺(@EmbassyofRussia) September 9, 2017 #AceHistoryNews

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