How not to support a victim of #HumanTrafficking: a demonstration by the #HomeOffice in R (FT) v SSHD

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How not to support a victim of human trafficking: a demonstration by the Home Office in R (FT) v SSHD | PAUL ERDUNAST | FREE MOVEMENT | 5 September 2017

The Upper Tribunal overturned several decisions concerning the grant of Discretionary Leave to Remain to a victim of human trafficking in FT, R (on the application of) v the Secretary of State for the Home Department [2017] UKUT 331(IAC). The background to the case is that of the Home Office failing to appropriately identify the individual concerned as a victim of human trafficking, and subsequently unlawfully placing him in immigration detention for four years.

The facts of the case are stark. After a childhood of regular beatings with rods and belts by his mother and his alcoholic father, his uncle borrowed money from people traffickers to send him to the United Kingdom. The Upper Tribunal describe his initial…

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VOODOO ECONOMICS: Exposing The Narrative Of Debt, Fear, And Insecurity


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“… Instead of being at war with the wealthy and the managers of our wealth, why not work with us? Leave wealth with those who ‘have earned it’ they would say. Leave it with those who know how to manage it, how to make it grow and give a healthy return. Instead, give the poor debt. Or to paraphrase the obvious, “Let them eat debt:”

Exposing The Narrative Of Debt, Fear, And Insecurity

On March 4 1933 FDR in his inaugural address to the American people said,

“…the only thing we have to fear is…fear itself….”

And it’s true. It is fear more than anything else that prevents people from turning away from what has failed them and stays their hand from picking up the tools which would allow them to build what would work better.  And precisely because it is true, every politician, banker, judge and…

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Vinh Long declares state of natural disasters


Last update 16:06 | 05/09/2017

The People’s Committee of the Mekong Delta province of Vinh Long on Monday declared state of natural disasters level 1 (the lowest level) due to land erosion.

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Landslide on the Hau river bank has caused houses to collapse. 

Earlier, on the night of August 22 and early morning of August 23, as many as 34 households along the riverbank of Vinh River in Thanh Phuoc Ward, Binh Minh Town, were affected by land erosion. The erosion encroached upon nearly 20m of the mainland and covered a length of some 200m.

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NHA Party Newsletter September 2017


”We were very pleased with the 12,093 votes we received in SW Surrey, where our candidate Dr Louise Irvine stood against Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt. Dr Irvine came second with 20% of the vote. Jeremy Hunt was clearly very rattled by our success and, in his acceptance speech, accused Dr Irvine of lying about the government’s record and motives on the NHS. Dr Irvine has responded with a widely-read rebuttal, “The facts don’t lie and nor do I”.

We couldn’t have done it without a local cross-party collaboration, and we are very grateful to all those who helped us take on Hunt. The Green Party candidate, Susan Ryland, stood down for Louise and many local Labour Party and Lib Dem members actively campaigned for her, as they believed she had the best chance of beating Jeremy Hunt. Unfortunately the LP and LD party leaderships were not willing to stand down…

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#HurricaneIrma Report: Just days after #Harvey ravaged Texas, the U.S. is bracing itself for another heavy storm which has winds reaching up to 150 mph, is a Category 5 storm heading west across the Caribbean, according to the National Weather Service #AceNewsDesk reports – @AceNewsServices

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#AceNewsReport – Sept.05: The storm will move toward the northwest Tuesday night and go over the Leeward Islands early Wednesday #AceNewsDesk reports

The National Hurricane Center shows the storm moving west and likely affecting parts of Florida by the end of the week…… Florida Gov. Rick Scott declared a state of emergency Monday to prepare for the hurricane: ……….MediaNOAA/NWSThe NWS predicts that water levels could rise by between six to nine feet above normal tide levels along the coasts of the northern parts of the Leeward Islands……… Typically dry areas near the coast will likely flood from rising waters moving inland in the British and U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and St. Croix….. The hurricane could also affect the Turks and Caicos, the Bahamas, Cuba and Hispaniola later in the week……..Hurricane Irma is expected to produce between four and eight inches of rainfall, with up to 12 inches falling in…

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(NANTERRE, France) — A French court on Tuesday fined photographers and gossip magazine executives ov er topless photos of the Duchess of Cambridge #AceNewsDesk – @AceDailyNews

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#AceNewsReport – Sept.05: The court also ordered the defendants to pay damages to the duchess and her husband Prince William, but the amount was significantly lower than that sought by the royal family #AceNewsDesk reports

The court in a Paris suburb ruled Tuesday that three photographers and three newspaper executives invaded the privacy of the duchess, formerly known as Kate Middleton, by taking and publishing the photos……… Two executives of French gossip magazine Closer were each given the maximum 45,000 euro ($53,500) fine for such an offence…….In addition, the two executives, along with two photographers working with a celebrity photo agency, were collectively ordered to pay 50,000 euros ($59,500) in damages to Kate and the same amount to William…….. The amount is far below the about 1.5 million euros in damages sought by the royal couple…….. Their lawyer Jean Veil said it will be up to Kate and William to…

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