Eating bacon in front of Muslims is a crime in Sweden

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In March of this year, Breitbart reported that a Swedish man was prosecuted for assaulting Muslim women with bacon.

Now comes the news that the man has been convicted and fined.

Daniel Iskander reports for the Swedish news and media website mä, Aug. 30, 2017, that a 53-year-old man from Stockholm, Sweden, was charged and convicted of disproportionate hatred against the public for eating bacon in front of three Muslim women and saying he hates Muslims.

The incident took place in April 2015 on the Väsby-Märsta shuttle. The women, all wearing headscarves, told police the man began to eat his bacon “demonstratively” in front of them and said “I hate Muslims, I hate negroes”. Even after the women moved to another seat, the man followed them. The whole incident lasted a few minutes, which was witnessed by another passenger and captured in the train’s surveillance footage.

In court, the man denied…

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“Self Drive Act” Passes House Committee 54-0: Safety Standards Scrapped, 25,000 Driverless Cars Coming Right Up


Many contend that self-driving trucks and cars will not happen anytime soon for numerous reasons (most of them easily refuted).

One of the reasons is of lack of approval from Congress.

That argument will go on the ash heap of history by the end of the year because a bipartisan House Panel Approves Legislation Speeding Up Deployment of Self-Driving Cars.

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What Surprised Me The Most After Leaving The Narcissist

Ladywithatruck's Blog

One of the most surprising things about being involved with a narcissist was the total lack of sympathy shown by family, friends, and society in general, even the medical profession has literally laughed when I suggested the stress of prolonged abuse could be responsible for my heart condition. (I know doctors dont like people Googling for medical advice but the Mayo Clinic has done studies on it and there is even a condition called “Broken Heart Syndrome”. )It seems to me that almost any crime is more forgivable than ending up in an abusive relationship. Not only do people blame the victim, they actually get angry with the victim and carry a grudge about it. I was surprised recently that some family members who, even though it has been almost 7 years, and they have listened with heads nodding, to me explain domestic abuse, praised my blog and professed to…

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Paedophile Luckwill caught with phone and laptop in hotel in Scotland


Anthony Luckwill, now known as Colin Gregory, has set up home in Scotland after ‘his history caught up with him’ in IrelandAnthony Luckwill, now known as Colin Gregory, has set up home in Scotland after ‘his history caught up with him’ in Ireland

A notorious paedophile, who claims he was hounded out of Ireland, has started a new life in Scotland.

Anthony Luckwill received widespread coverage here after being released from a jail term imposed for sexually assaulting young boys after he posed as a TV casting agent.

The predatory paedophile, previously branded “a grave risk to society” by an Irish judge, has a long history of convictions across the UK and Ireland.

Luckwill (44) has moved into a new home in Fife and a 10-year order aimed at protecting the public from him will expire on September 14.


It is open to Police Scotland to apply for a new order to be put in place. Luckwill was forced to leave Ireland after he was assaulted by…

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Escaping the clutches of sex trafficking in Thailand


Al Jazeera 30 July 2017

An Uzbek woman who was trafficked to Thailand and forced to sell sex shares the story of her escape.

Sex trafficking victim in Thailand: ‘She caught me. I didn’t know what to do. She took my passport and I had to go back to work.’ [Paula Bronstein/Getty Images]

By Ashton Kobler

It’s nearly 10pm and Umida* is cooking dinner – a simple meal of rice and meat for the 11 members of her household who have been stuck inside the house all day due to Uzbekistan’s intense summer heat.

Since emerging as an independent nation in 1991, after nearly 200 years of Russian and then Soviet rule, Uzbekistan has slowly seen some economic progress. But poverty and unemployment remain high and many Uzbeks travel abroad for work. This leaves the men, women and children vulnerable to forced labour and sex trafficking.

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