UK ministers to release Brexit position papers amid criticism

Peace and Freedom

UK government ministers are to publish new papers setting out their aims for Brexit talks. Fourteen months after the referendum, there has been little progress in talks on the terms for the UK’s exit from the bloc.

An EU flag with a ripped British flag inside the ring of stars (Picture-alliance/Bildagentur-online/Ohde)

Last month, European Union officials trying to negotiate with the UK over Britain’s departure from the bloc complained that progress was difficult because of Britain’s unacceptable demands and a lack of any position on many issues.

The UK Department for Exiting the European Union said Sunday it hoped to persuade the 27 other EU nations to start negotiating a “deep and special” future relationship to include a free trade deal between Britain and the EU.

But Brussels negotiators have insisted there are three issues to be sorted before a new relationship can be discussed. The first is how much money the UK will have to pay to leave the bloc, the second addresses whether security…

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