Trump taking us back to the future


A senior White House official is quoted in the Washington Post as saying, “ ‘Fire and fury’ doesn’t always mean nuclear. It can mean any number of things. It is as if people see him [Trump] as an unhinged madman.”

Since The Donald specifically said, “. . . like the world has never seen,” it’s hard not to draw that conclusion. Every day he appears more and more unhinged. His taunts are not lost on North Korean President Kim Jong-un, an equally unhinged madman.

Even though it is agreed that Don made his threat extemporaneously and it caught just about everyone with their shorts down, White House Trump puppet Sarah Sanders assured the world that “Kelly and members of Trump’s national security team were well aware of the tone of the statement of the President prior to delivery. The words were his own.”

Ah, the “tone of the statement.” Hmmmm. Are…

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