Trump Signals He Is Open To Attacking Venezuela

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Trump Signals He Is Open To Attacking Venezuela

Trump: Attacking Venezuela Is ‘Certainly Something We Could Pursue’

Pentagon Denies Receiving Orders Regarding Venezuela

President Trump would seem to have a lot on his plate, between wars in Iraq and Syria, daily threats to attack North Korea, and declaring Iran not to be complying with the nuclear deal. Still, he found his way around to talking up the possibility of attacking Venezuela as well.

Trump claimed to have “many options available for Venezuela, including a possible military option” against them. He offered no specifics on what this would involve, but said he would never rule such an attack out.

The lack of specificity is likely because no such plans exist. The Pentagon confirmed as much today, following up Trump’s comments by insisting they’d received no orders with respect to Venezuela, and suggesting reporters ask the White House about it.


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