Revealed: The YOONS ~ Twitter trolls who shame Scotland



UNIONIST politicians have been told to stop cosying up to social media “trolls” who carry out foul-mouthed abuse and intimidation of independence supporters online.

Politicians who promote accounts which have engaged in racist and misogynistic abuse have been accused of “hypocrisy” by the Scottish Green’s external affairs spokesman Ross Greer MSP. SNP MSP Christina McKelvie, Convener of the Scottish Parliament’s Equalities and Human Rights Committee, added that threats must stop.

McKelvie, who has been attacked by unionist trolls as a “f*****g bam and a “c**t”, said: “I had to get the police involved just before the 2016 election as the abuse and threats where becoming a tsunami with hundreds of posts…a day. Many of these people, including some elected members, are blocked by me…on police advice.”

Ross Greer, who has called out trolls among Yes supporters, said: “Many unionist politicians like to demand the Yes movement cleans up its…

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