More Legally Obtained Voter Records for Sale Online

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A director of threat research at a cybersecurity firm spoke to “Dark Reading”1 about an entity on the RaidForums selling voter records. This is not a new occurrence or even a particularly surprising one, despite the notion that vendors only sell such information on darknet marketplaces or forums. (The RaidForums website is completely accessible on the clearnet. The threat researcher, Jonathan Tomek, reported that he had found 40 million records for sale on the RaidForums.)


Logan, the particular forum member in question, listed only two voter databases this year, both from 2017. The remaining databases on the forums are from 2015 or 2013. According to the site’s database directory, the most recent voter database listings are as follows: Alabama Voter Database – 132,788 Records – 2015;

  1. Alaska Voter Database – 487,415 Records – 2015;
  2. Colorado Voter Database – 3,525,885 Records – 2015;
  3. Connecticut Voter Database – 2,391,357 Records – 2015;

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