Exclusive Michael Shrimpton On Richie Allen Show


pennine:After airing  his views concerning the Grenfell Tower fire this gent Judge Michael Shrimpton has become   maligned  once again, (as he has been imprisoned before for his outspokenness.)

                                In regard the Grenfell tragedy there are some of us who think  there seems to  be more  to this horrific  sad tragedy than the official account is providing. Given that the cladding of the wall is a dangerous  type that should have  no place on any building wherein human or animal life dwells  within, (this is  EU diktat for you.)  Yet even this cladding  cannot adequately explain fully the nature & speed in which the fire consumed the whole tower block. I understand the fire service were there on the scene within 6 minutes & not some 6 hours.   Even with or without this Judge’s opinion -of which in a healthy democracy everyone is entitled to have and speak…

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