Canada / Belize: Canadian woman arrested in Central America in parental abduction case

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A woman who has been on the run from police for the last three years after kidnapping her son and fleeing the country has been arrested in Belize and returned to Canada to face charges.

Lethbridge police launched an investigation in January of 2014 after Robin Leanne Greenway-Trockstad failed to drop off her 11-month-old son, Treyson, to her ex-husband for a court-ordered visit.

Investigators say she then sent a text message saying she had left the country.

A couple of days later, a court order gave Treyson’s father sole interim custody and his mother was ordered to return the boy to Canada.

The order was also emailed to Greenway-Trockstad and family members who were in contact with her and police say they made several attempts to reach her but she did not respond.

In February 2014, Greenway-Trockstad was charged with child abduction and an arrest warrant was issued.


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