A psychopath is not ’emotion blind’

Parental Alienation

Feigning empathy

Someone with Asperger syndrome (a mild form of autism) finds it difficult to empathise with other people because they are to some extent ’emotion blind’. They find it hard to read the emotions of others, or to see a connection between the emotional responses of others and what they themselves have actually done or said. As a consequence, they can sometimes seem cruel or insensitive, but they don’t mean to be. They assume that other people see the world in the same way as they do themselves, and struggle to comprehend that there really are different perspectives. This makes someone with Aspergers actually less likely to lie or attempt to deceive – they see no need for it.

A psychopath is a different kettle of fish altogether. A psychopath is not ’emotion blind’. They can ‘read’ other people’s emotions perfectly well, and mimic them perfectly well. And for…

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