Unite The Right Press Conference


pennine:Seems If You Are White You Aren’t Allowed To Be Right, Unless You’re  Prepared To Be Slagged Of For Being “Racist,” “Supremacist,” & Every Other Slanderous Terms.

                                      Every Other Peoples Of the World Can Have Identities To Be Proud About & Celebrate Openly. Permitted Even   To Keep Their Own Countries & Territories Free Of Other  Identities  Encroaching & Becoming Dominant.

                             I Have Fondness Of People Whatever Colour, Creed, Country,Culture & Respect All. After All At The End of The Day We’re All One -Human Race Capable Of Following Goodness Or  Evil, The Choice Is Within Each Individual. What I Cannot Understand Is When People Of Certain Colour Stand Up For Their Human Rights & Dignities & Defend Themselves & Their Kin & Indigenous Heritage, Automatically  They Are Branded Everything…

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