Tasting notes: Sens energy bars with cricket flour

Make Wealth History

Yesterday I wrote about my plans to try some insect based foods over the summer. If your first reaction was ‘never!’, then you are not alone. That’s what most readers will have thought, I expect.

But insects are not going to enter the Western diet as insects. If it looks like a bug, there’s a big psychological barrier to overcome – especially if it’s whole. In Britain we’re not really used to eating anything whole, as I’ve observed at Tapas bars when English friends are confronted with pescaditos fritos.

Insects are going to creep into our diets as an ingredient first, and that makes the energy bars from Sens a good place to start. They use cricket flour as the basis for their snack bars, alongside other all-natural ingredients.

The company has designed these to be an easy way into eating insects. “We want to make insect eating the new…

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