Still Shaken

The Return of the Modern Philosopher

life, death, meaning of life, is there a god, philosophy, grieving, Modern PhilosopherI’m still badly shaken by Miss Luna’s passing, Modern Philosophers.

I cried all day on Monday, shed more tears yesterday, and have found myself on the verge of breaking down several times today.

How could one tiny kitty knock such a big guy on his ass to the point that he cannot get upright again?

I don’t want this blog to become a morbid space where I share depressing thoughts about the death of my beloved pet, which is why I made sure not to blog yesterday.

Today, however, the Modern Philosopher in me wants to speak his mind.  As much as I am heartbroken at the loss of Luna, I’m even more pissed off at whatever higher being is up there pulling the strings.

I mean, seriously?  All the $%^& that I deal with on a daily basis, and I have to lose one of the few things in…

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