Improving Police

Problem-solving should not be new to policing, it’s been formally around since 1990 when Prof. Herman Goldstein published his work on the subject.

Every police officer today ought to know what it is and how to do it. (See for more on this and what’s been done.)

How important is critical thinking and problem-solving abilities? Very. “In a study… to evaluate the readiness of US workers, it was discovered that ‘57.5 percent of employer respondents say Critical Thinking/Problem Solving is ‘very important’ for high school graduates; 72.7 percent for two-year college graduates, and 92.1 percent for college graduates…”

So why can’t today’s police start using this process to find solutions to their most intractable problems?

The following list outlines the seven most common problem solving methods:

  1. The Deming- Shewart Cycle. This is based on Plan, Do, Check and Act with the overall aim of process improvement. In some instances the…

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