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It was a brisk, golden autumn in 1971. Our apartment was on the top floor of a weathered four-plex, a sure upgrade from the barely renovated chicken coop we’d called home, with sharply slanting roof and tiny spaces allotted for bed, couch, bathroom and kitchenette. It was a very primitive version of popular “tiny houses” that […]

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Man jailed after 24 years of abuse against women and children


A man who carried out a horrific catalogue of abuse on women and children over 24 years has been jailed for life.

Colin Gillies went on trial at Aberdeen Sheriff Court last year, facing 20 charges.

They included assaulting three women and a child to the danger of their lives at properties in Inverbervie, Aberdeen and Turriff.

The offences happened between 1990 and 2014.

A jury found him guilty of 18 of the violent offences after deliberating for less then two hours, and the case was referred to the High Court in Edinburgh due to its severity.

And yesterday, judge Lady Carmichael jailed the 52-year-old for at least 39 months – but warned there was was no guarantee he would be released after that.

She placed him on a lifelong restriction order, which means he would only be released from prison if it was deemed safe to allow him to…

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Mekong Delta during the flood season


Last update 11:07 | 10/08/2017

People in the Mekong Delta region of Vietnam are busy fishing when the flooding season has come.

On the fields of An Giang Province’s Phu Hoi Commune, nets have been laid to catch fish, crabs and snakes.

Huynh Van Tai, a local resident who has much experience in fishing during the flooding season, said that this year the flooding arrived earlier than expected so many people had not yet prepared for the work.

Bui Thi Suong in Dong Thap Province’s Hong Ngu District said that earlier, his family earned bigger income from fishing on the flooding season. She even hired dozens of workers for the work. However, in recent years, the seafood source has much decreased.

These days, she and her husband are taking advantages of the flooding season to catch some fish for sales in the market.

Some photos of the busy…

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Improving Police

Problem-solving should not be new to policing, it’s been formally around since 1990 when Prof. Herman Goldstein published his work on the subject.

Every police officer today ought to know what it is and how to do it. (See for more on this and what’s been done.)

How important is critical thinking and problem-solving abilities? Very. “In a study… to evaluate the readiness of US workers, it was discovered that ‘57.5 percent of employer respondents say Critical Thinking/Problem Solving is ‘very important’ for high school graduates; 72.7 percent for two-year college graduates, and 92.1 percent for college graduates…”

So why can’t today’s police start using this process to find solutions to their most intractable problems?

The following list outlines the seven most common problem solving methods:

  1. The Deming- Shewart Cycle. This is based on Plan, Do, Check and Act with the overall aim of process improvement. In some instances the…

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Scottish democracy would be a good idea

Wee Ginger Dug

There are many reasons for Scottish independence. We each have our own individual reasons for wanting to see Scotland regain its place amongst the independent states of this world. One of my reasons is to remove the obscenity of weapons of mass destruction from the Clyde. I’ve wanted to see the back of them ever since I was a child and decades later they’re still there. Trident missiles only exist in order to boost the flaccid penis of a post-imperial state, and only independence will see Scotland free from the radioactive stain that the leave on our landscape. At least suspicious stains on bed sheets don’t have the ability to wipe out half the planet.

I want independence because it’s only with independence that Scotland can have a referendum on whether we should become a republic or remain a monarchy. The chances that the Westminster parliament will ever permit a…

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