Which came first, the tyrant or the leaker?


Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions are apparently working from an old edition of the dictator’s handbook.

At one time all a dictator need do to suppress press freedom was to lock down the local television stations and firebomb the newspaper offices. But Trump and Sessions are overlooking 230 years of Constitutionally guaranteed press freedom, and even Trump’s conservative base is big on the Bill of Rights. And then there is the internet. Years ago, a good warning was, “don’t pick a fight with a guy who buys ink by the barrel.” Today, that warning might be, “live by the tweet, die by the tweet.”

On Friday, Sessions held a media conference to ostensibly announce the formation of a special task force at the Department of Justice to root out leakers, or whistleblowers, depending on your point of view. Barely a day goes by without a shocking headline or breaking news…

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