I Hope You Weren’t Listening to Anything I Said Before the Age of 34… Because, Yeah, It was Probably Pretty Dumb.

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There are certain milestones in one’s life that create a “before and after” point.

Like graduating high school. Graduating college. Getting married. Having your first kid.

By default, life can’t continue on the same way after each of those occurrences. To try to move on with the same mentality after an event such as any of those, well, it’s pretty much pointless.

We are forced to evolve throughout certain points in life. If not, we become irrelevant to society and to ourselves, in the new stage in life we have just entered.

It’s once we start becoming familiar with the new version of ourselves, after being forced to evolve, that it becomes easier to look back before that milestone and realize, “Wow, I was kind of an idiot back then. I didn’t know better at the time, but still, I feel sorry for anyone who knew that version of me…

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