Remembering Ernst Zundel

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German-Canadian writer, author, human-rights activist, and a German patriot Ernst Zundel died on August 5, in Germany. Dr. Ingrid R. Zundel, a US citizen, said that her husband died on Saturday at his home in Black Forest in Germany where he was born in 1939.

Ernest lived in Canada for decades. In 1984, a wealthy Israel-Canada dual citizen Sabina Citron, founder-president of Canadian Holocaust Remembrance Association, took Ernst Zundel to court for inciting hatred toward Jews on the basis of two documents; The West, War, and Islam andDid Six Million Really Die.

At the conclusion of a vicious 7-week propaganda trial, the court pronounced Zundel announced innocent of inciting hatred toward Jews in his 4-page pamphlet, The west, War, and Islam, but was pronounced guilty of publishing – not written the anti-Holocaust book.

In 1992, Canada’s Supreme Court acquitted Zundel on the ground that the law under which Zundel had…

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