Graham William Phillips Has A Date With A UK Prison

To Inform is to Influence

Yesterday I published a story about British national Benjamin Stimson being sentenced to more than five years in prison for fighting on behalf of the Russians in East Ukraine.

His friend Graham William Phillips is still at large.  When Phillips returns to the UK he will follow his compatriot’s way straight to jail.

As a reminder, please allow me to reacquaint you with Graham William Phillips, in case you forgot.

On his Twitter account, @GrahamWP_UK, he describes himself as an Independent UK journalist. Therein lies the problem. He presents himself as neither independent, nor from the UK, nor as a journalist. He enjoys celebrity status with those associated with the Russian invasion of Ukraine. He liberally poses for pictures with Russian mercenaries, is presented Russian medals, and the stories he does publish, fully embrace a Russian perspective with nary an attempt at presenting all sides of the story, an…

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