Len Lawrence email to Official Solicitors Office

cathy fox blog on child abuse

Below is a copy of an email Mr Lawrence has just sent to the Official Solicitors Office. It is only by exposing corruption, that the public learn about it and that something may be done about it.

Len Lawrence’s case is a clear case of corruption in the judiciary, medical profession and police.

In the context of this blog about child abuse, his case demonstrates the extreme problem in the courts when dealing with cases of child sexual abuse and forced adoptions.

People go to the official authorities thinking they will get justness, but they actually get justice, Crown justice which is corrupt and takes the opportunity to kick them whilst they are down and then rip them off.

Justness has little to do with justice. British Justice, Crown Justice is not justness, they are two completely different things and people should not confuse the two.

Just yesterday I was…

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