DHL Goes Down After Hacker Exposes Clearnet IP Address

Chainsoff's Blog

Reddit user known as /u/t0mcheck publicly disclosed “crippling” vulnerabilities in two darknet markets: DHL and Sourcery Market. As usual, the posts increased the number of heated conversations between users and moderators. Eventually everything came down to DHL. According to a DHL representative, was not new to marketplace staff—they had known for two years. Now, along with Sourcery Market, both marketplaces vanished.

Either may come back, but Reddit users called exit scam. “Yeah, I don’t think we’ll see them around anymore,” one user wrote.

As of August 5, the two stickied posts in that subreddit are market warnings. One post is the vulnerability disclosure of both marketplaces. The second, though, is a post titled “DHL Market – Current problems – Consider avoiding right now.” The vulnerabilities were serious enough to warrant the removal of the formerly stickied post about a significant number of Dream vendor accounts that the…

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