An Alternate Viewpoint on the Anti-Smoking / Smoking Causes Cancer! Campaign and its Syndicated (?) Backers incl. the Whiteheads, the Laskers, the NIH and the U.S. Congress (from and Other Sources. See also Tobacco Lawsuits and 1998 MSA Settlement Funds ~~} American Legacy Foundation, now the so-called Truth Initiative®) (post started 7/31/2017)

Let's Get Honest! Absolutely Uncommon Analysis of Family & Conciliation Courts' Operations, Practices, & History

After working on this post about a week, and its substantial material, I’m publishing it “as is” and with an alert that it may be revised substantially after publication, or further split. It is a good read, however, it’s so full of material, some of it a little disturbing/shocking to consider, I wouldn’t expect it to be grasped in a single read anyhow.

You will see there are some areas newer to me and others, I may sound more authoritative on because I really have done more research over the years.  However, probing this new area, I am seeing both personnel and systems characteristics in common with material I’ve already processed in and around this blog.  If I’d not seen the commonality, I would probably not have referenced so prominently the “” post, especially not even knowing who its author is.  However, because I do not know, and because of…

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