VN Environment Administration proposes to revive hydropower plants


Last update 10:25 | 06/08/2017

VietNamNet Bridge – If 300-400 more small- and medium-sized hydropower plants are built, the total capacity would be 3,000-4,000 MW, or 15 billion kwh of electricity, according to the Vietnam Environment Administration (VEA).

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VEA’s chair Tran Viet Ngai has proposed reconsidering the decision to remove small & medium hydropower projects and allow investment to resume.

Many hydropower plants were built in 2010-2014, affecting the forest environment. Because of this, the NA decided to remove 400 projects from the hydropower development program.

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Truth as relationship

ann e michael


What is truth? Is there an absolute truth? Is truth relative? Can it be relative and simultaneously absolute? I have not been much of a sojourner on the path to truth, because other things interest me more; however, in 2017, what constitutes truth has become a topic of contemporary discussion–in the most superficial ways imaginable.

And as I have been reading about Josiah Royce in Harry Cotton’s text, the definition of truth and the concept of The Absolute (the philosophy of which Royce and his dear friend William James often argued over) raise their abstract heads and ask for understanding.

Royce insists that truth is not something that happens. It’s not a verb, though people often employ the concept of truth when referring to occurrences: It happened just this way, so I know it is true. That’s a scientist’s empirical truth, or a pragmatist’s truth, someone who believes in his…

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Only 15 foreigners, Viet Kieu own houses in Ho Chi Minh City


Vague regulations on foreign property ownership continue to put off non-resident homebuyers.

By Tuoi Tre News

August 06,2017, 14:35 GMT+7

​Only 15 foreigners, Viet Kieu own houses in Ho Chi Minh City
Foreigners look for an apartment in District 2, Ho Chi Minh City. Photo: Tuoi Tre
Only 15 foreigners and Viet Kieu (overseas Vietnamese) were granted certificates of house ownership in Ho Chi Minh City as of May 15, according to statistics from the municipal Department of Construction.

The reality is in stark contrast with a government decree and new housing laws enacted in 2015, which relaxed requirements for foreigners to own properties in Vietnam.

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Robot Taxis Starting 2016 in Japan; Self-Driving Trucks on German Autobahn; Millions of Truck and Taxi Driver Jobs will Vanish in US by 2025


I predicted robot taxis and trucks by 2020. Most doubted it, but I maintained I was as likely to be too late as opposed to too early.

The future has arrived, at least in Japan. Autonomous taxis will operate in test mode next year with a goal of full production by 2020.

Reader Alain writes …

Hey Mish, I saw this article and it reminded me of your self-driving cars posts some time ago. When I read your posts I thought your time frame on their arrival seemed a bit optimistic. But here we are.

Robot Taxis Starting 2016 in Japan

The Wall Street Journal reports RoboCab: Driverless Taxi Experiment to Start in Japan

From the country where hotels are operated by robots and androids serve as clerks at department stores comes the latest unmanned project: the robot cab.

Japan’s cabinet office, Kanagawa prefecture and Robot Taxi Inc…

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Self-Driving “Fully Automated” Vehicles on German Autobahn; Supply Chain Math; Uber and Khan Academy


Don’t worry taxi drivers, this is only a test: Self-driving cars to hit German Autobahn.

A section of the A9 Autobahn in Bavaria will be converted into a test route for self-driving cars, Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt said on Monday.

“We will set up a test stretch on the A9 Autobahn” Dobrindt told the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung in an interview, adding that the first steps towards the “Digital Testing Ground Autobahn” project would be taken this year.

Under Dobrindt’s plan, the upgraded road will offer infrastructure allowing the cars to communicate with the road and with other vehicles around them.

“Cars with assisted driving and later fully-automated cars will be able to drive there”, Dobrindt said.

“The German car industry will also be able to be world leaders in digital cars”.

He added that “German manufacturers won’t rely on Google” – the current leader in the field – to…

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Rising Trucker’s Pay, Falling Desire for Trucking Jobs Provide Reasons Self-Driving Trucks Will Reshape Industry


Fewer and fewer people are willing to live the trucker’s life. This has created a shortage in drivers and in turn Rising Pay is Reshaping the Trucking Industry.

The shortage of truck drivers in the U.S. is driving salaries higher, with gains up to 12 percent over the past year.

Average pay for long-haul truckers jumped 17 percent since the end of 2013 to a record average of $57,000 in 2015, according to the National Transportation Institute. The surge comes as U.S. employment costs overall are up just 2 percent and average weekly earnings are rising only 2.2 percent.

The shortage of truck drivers has grown to nearly 48,000 and could expand further due to a combination of industry growth and a retiring workforce, according to the American Trucking Associations’ Truck Driver Shortage Analysis for 2015.

The ATA believes that trucking will need to hire an average of 89,000…

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Conversation With a 25-Year Short-Haul Trucker


Last night my wife Liz and I went out to a local restaurant for dinner. We like to sit at the bar as service is often quicker and you can talk to the people next to you.

I struck up a conversation with the person sitting on my right. He (let’s call him SH) has been in the trucking industry for 25 years and will retire in perhaps 3-4 years. SH agrees with me that major changes are coming.

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