Why is the Court of Protection Secret ?



Court of Protection lawyers,warn,that even with ‘watertight’ reporting restrictions, anonymity of those subject to proceedings, cannot always be guaranteed.

They say that although transparency was important, ‘there is a price to be paid’.

But, is it in lawyers interests to say this, and, what is this price?

And, more crucially, what is the price paid for secrecy, and, is secrecy necessary, and where does it leave accountability ?

See the  £3 bn haul COP had already amassed in 2009


Read the power to imprison loving sister for 7 weeks until released by court of appeal. This is COP 2017


Lord Falconer, creator of the Mental Capacity Act , proposed its hearings be in public.

But, after ‘consultations’, not including the media, with 27 respondents, 11 for public hearings, and 10 against, the Court of Protection Rules 2007 closed the court.

A Daily Mail campaign, scandals exposure, and the  COP, being …

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