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– tenuity





Junkyard dog

– Adam (disobeying the commandment) ~ Israel (struggling with GOD) ~ Man

To be human is to be able & willing to redefine oneself by acting AGAINST – what is given – one’s own nature!

This is a unique capacity which the other species lack.

Self-transformation as a suicidal (& salvific) attempt!

– Conquering time by becoming completely momentary in one’s consciousness…

– Can the will-spirit-intellect complex liberate us from biological & cultural determinism?

– To be human is to be free of “humanity”.

– Humane killing

Brutal civilization

Spiritual pornography

– Does artificial intelligence mean that it is real & man-made, or is the intelligence itself only apparent?

– The interface & interaction between the internal & external world, I can understand. But, what about the cyberworld??

Culture is both within & without, so is nature. And Grace…?

– Robot/zombie/humanoid

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