Senators should vote ‘No Confidence’ now


The abomination that is the Trump administration needs to receive a loud rebuke from Congress, not just a legislative defeat. A vote of “no confidence” by the U.S. Senate to the Bully President and his cabal focused on their inability to provide leadership at home or abroad needs to happen now.

Given his latest round of manufactured phone conversations ostensibly touting support of his presidency — no, he now admits, he didn’t receive or place calls with or to Mexico’s president or the head of the Boy Scouts — is proof certain our president is unable to deal with the harsh reality that our country is a complex operation that requires a skill set he doesn’t possess.

It’s unfortunate that a “no confidence” vote won’t do anything more than send a message to the Bully President and his team of enablers. Unlike in Great Britain where such a vote by…

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