Rochdale and Beyond – the Legacy of Child Abuse by Anne Wade

cathy fox blog on child abuse

Superb article from Anne Wade which joins many dots in Rochdale and beyond. She shows the value of unearthing abuse from years ago and the effects it is still having today.

The legacy of child abuse in an English townWhy the roots of historic child sexual abuse must be dug out

Anne Wade

Amber’, ‘Holly’ and ‘Ruby’ in the docudrama Three Girls (BBC May 2017)
Played by Ria Zmitrowicz, Molly Windsor and Liv Hill;Photographer: Ewen Spencer

Should old and dead paedophiles be left in peace? By bringing out detailed stories of historic childhood abuse we may give relief and justice to survivors, but do we benefit the rest of the community? Or does this engage resources that are better applied to current abuse? Is there any harm in simply saying the past is past, and putting all our energy into how we treat children in the…

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